Sunday, 21 March 2010

Another Week

The week just gone has been pretty much uneventful on the work front. Nothings really growing yet, all the prunings done, it's a bit too early to treat the grass everywhere for pests and to feed it. Hedges haven't started to grow either. The only real progress that I thought that I could make given the lovely weather was to spray the moss on all of the paths EVERYWHERE. Hmmm, if only It hadn't rained later in the week and then I could guarantee that it will have worked, we will see. At the moment it is 7am on Sunday morning, the picture at the top is of Hobie soaking up the sun again, dreaming of one day being able to catch those birds that taunt him whilst I write this.

A favourite retreat of ours when we want to kill a couple of hours is The Haven Hotel. As hotels go, it's ok, but I wouldn't choose to stay there. They do however have an amazing huge circular lounge that is right next to the harbour entrance. Drinks are the same price as anywhere else as well, and so armed with newspapers and conversation one can happily while away the time

Also at this point is The Haven Ferry that crosses over to the Purbecks.

And so, on rainy Friday we took ourselves off first of all to the car park to enjoy a takeaway cup of tea and bacon and egg bap from the little Haven Cafe (yes, everything is titled Haven here!). Later we decided to take ourselves into the hotel and stay a while longer.

Things in the home garden are moving very slowly indeed. The Witch Hazels are STILL flowering, the daffodils in the pots are gradually coming out as you can see. We have two large Sambucus, Nigra and Aurea, that have buds fattening up, very excited about these!

On one of the sunny days at work last week I took my lunch break parked on the beach between Boscombe and Bournemouth piers, only possible before the holiday makers pack in during the summer. A gorgeous spot as you can see in the picture.

And finally these are some of the pots of specimen Dahlias that we have moved to a sunnier spot to try and bring them on a bit.

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  1. Dear Gary, Although uneventful on the work front, clearly what and where to eat remain high on the priority list! You do indeed have some wonderful lunch spots - parked on the beach sounds, and from your pictures, looks like heaven. I can readily see that this will change when the tourists arrive, but I imagine that they bring their own interest for you to observe.

    Hobie is adorable - may I steal him?