Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas Decorations

Call me a traditionalist if you like, but I like normal Christmas decorations. Maybe it's just because I had a german father, and real trees, subtle lights and everything in gold, green and red became instilled in me as a child but what is happening to people when they have houses like the one on the left?? Where I live I am surrounded by a neon display that starts around November it happens about the same time as the Halloween/November 5th fireworks extravaganza....and goes on to the New Year. I suppose that at least the featured house is at least along a Christmas theme whereas most seem to have illuminated/inflated teddy bears, trains, smiley faces and cars etc. Tesco......while I am on the subject......this year had at the same time fireworks (for Nov 5th), halloween corpses etc AND christmas stuff for sale.....HOW SICK IS THAT!!

On a lighter note, Christmas is nearly upon us. I have had a lovely couple of sunny and productive days at work and lots of positive comments from customers. Couple this with a lovely coffee and chat in Cafe Rouge with my wife and daughter last night and things really are pretty good! Looking forward to a quiet Christmas and a Viennese Gala on New Years day.

More to come............

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