Friday, 15 January 2010

The Start

Well what do I say?

I suppose that what most people expect at the point of the New Year chimes at midnight, when everyone toasts in the coming year amid hugs, cries or laughs is that THIS is going to be the year of goodness and change, only to find themselves in exactly the same position the following year believing the same thing.

I believe that there is no end/start to a year and to that end perhaps we could just all simply strive on a daily basis to be better people in whatever we do and to whoever we meet all of the time. Be aware of your neighbours and whether or not they are having difficulties and need help, and by this I mean dont just twitch your curtains and spy on them, but take some of your own precious time and cook some meals for them if needed, do some odd jobs for them, buy their groceries or go and get them a newspaper.

Hold doors open for all old people, and courteous to women and do the same to them and maybe even give everyone a smile while you do it.

Be aware of the damaging global changes going on around us and try to do as much as you can to help to make this once again a beautiful blue planet. Recycle, use local shops and not chain stores if at all possible...even for occasional purchases, save energy within your own home but let's also not forget to pressure government about the vast number of buildings in retail, government and the corporate world, that are lit up like Christmas trees when nobody is in them! If anyone that reads this lives near Bournemouth UK then just take a look at the recently closed Borders store during the day or night, every light on and nobody there!

Join Amnesty International and help to stop violence and injustice to others!

Adopt an animal!

Give money or food to a project for the homeless!

If you don't already, then go into your local church and give it a go, and if that one doesn't light your candle then try another!

Don't drop any litter!

In the area that I live, everyone seems intent on cutting down trees to extinction and so let's all simply plant a tree. There is no law against it and you don't need planning regulation approval for your own garden, but hey...what a difference to your neighbourhood and the environment it would make.

All that said, and believe me when I say 'don't get me started', I am going into 2010 with an optimistic heart. My birthday was on January 10th and I reached the grand old age of 49!

For me 2010 will mean focusing more on my faith, more wild camping than I have been able to do over the last few years, lots of kayaking escapades, more adventurous times with my wife, brother and grandson Josh, improving my health as this seems not to be all that it can, tea at The Ritz for our anniversary, Riverdance, trying harder to maintain my work schedule on a regular basis, and hopefully reading a little more, And DEFINITELY ride my motorbike more!

God bless you all during the coming year.

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