Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ley Lines

I just love times like this. Sunday morning at 7am, a beautiful sunny day full of promise, endless tea on tap and toast & marmalade with real butter! As I sit here thinking how best to recount yesterdays events, I reflect on the painting opposite of Jesus Christ, and the peace that this image of his face always shows. It was painted by an artist called Raul Speek, originally from Cuba but now living and working from a studio in Solva, Pembrokeshire. If anyone who reads this ever goes to this lovely place then go to his studio, a converted chapel that you cannot miss, and you certainly can't miss the charismatic Mr. Speek!
I'm tapping away on the key board, with Hobie, one of our cats finding the warm spring sun too inviting to turn away from.

Yesterday, well it was one of those days that start off a little slow. We were both reading in the lounge when I had a sudden desire to go to Stonehenge. I think that there must be an intersection of ley lines through our house as it came on quite suddenly and unexpectedly.
And so it was that without even having lunch we set off to this ancient and mystical place. A stone circle built some 5000 years ago, surrounded by numerous burial mounds.

Neither of us had been here since our childhood, and me, certainly not since I was about 9 years old......some 40 years ago...ugh!
Why we haveny I don't know as it's almost on our doorstep, only an hours drive away. The summer solstice here is coming up and we have decided become hippies for the day to watch the sunrise.

The peace and mysticism was only occasionally broken by the group of manic Korean youths who insisted on communicating in the language of 'LOUD & CRAZY'!!!

Amanda was in her element following her passion of photography.

Just before we left the Stonhenge car park the car of my dreams pulled up. An Aston Martin DBS, albeit in pearlised white as opposed to my deep blue, but at £150,000 I could live with it!
It was then on to Salisbury where there were lots of photographs taken, but these are probably for another time as we are going to visit again soon. Having said that, whilst there we saw this rather wonderful Garrya elliptica that was about 15 feet high.

And also on this house near the cathedral were two fabulous Magnolia grandiflora that are going to look beautiful when in flower.

Take care everyone.


  1. Gary, Looks as though you guys had a great day with wonderful weather. Un-planned outings are always the best (I think). Have a great weekend. - G

  2. I have always wanted to visit Stonehenge... how lucky you are so close! Great photos ... wonderful to see! ;>)

  3. Dear Gary, So often it is these spur of the moment outings which turn out to be the most enjoyable. I am old enough to remember Stonehenge when it was just that, stones in a field. No car park, no visitor centre, no protective fences. I confess, as a child, to having climbed all over them.

    The Close at Salisbury must be one of the finest in Britain. How fortunate you are to have it on hand. And, what a magnificent specimen of Garrya.

    I am sorry that you are not sharing with me today what you are having for Sunday lunch!!

  4. Dear Gary, I have just read your reply to me on your previous posting. I am so sorry but I do not think that I can be of any help regarding your email and password into Blotanical. I simply use my gmail address and a password. Your site is definitely there as I have left a message on it.

  5. I'll definitely add a visit to Mr. Speek's studio to our "to do list" when we're there in September. What a beautiful painting!

  6. Gary - Unplanned are most definitely the best. I hope the beers are cooling nicely!

    Carol - If you haven't already, then you simply must see Stonhenge if you ever come to the UK.....very atmospheric! Thanks for the comment.

    Edith - It's always good to hear from you. I have taken a couple of pictures of Sunday lunch just for you, but unfortunately only in the preparational stage as we were so hungry I forgot to photograph the finished product!
    Thanks anyway about Blotanical, I will have to contact them again I think.

    Tim - Good to hear from you, do you have an itinerary yet?

  7. What a wonderful spontaneous trip! And I love your Hobie. Wish I could live that kind of life. ;-)

  8. Jean, thanks for the comment. Not every day is like this. Once April kicks in and garden visits peg up to full speed it gets trickier to do much other than gardening.
    Hobie is a wonderful companion, although his sister Misty doesn't always think so with the way he bites her!