Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tuesday - Another Sunny Day!

Time to start the day with garden number one at a place called 'Foxdene'. A delightful place to work as not only is the garden easy to maintain, but the residents are lovely too!

Then it's right next door to 'Albany House' to do some ivy clearing and a bit of pruning back of a Laurel hedge at the back.

While there, an assessment to make of the front lawn and a plan is made to rejuvinate it next month.

The front is ok for the time being.

Then over the road to 'The Orchard' to give all of the borders a hoe through to freshen them up.

A stroll down the side.............

.....to the back garden and a quick check that the water feature is clean and running.

Another day done and it's off to the train station to pick up Amanda who has returned from college in the New Forest, followed by a well deserved drinky in the BEST pub, which if any of you come to the area will find in Westbourne. I think I will have a pint of the usual ale please, Old Thumper, and Amanda will have a glass of Merlot............slurp!

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  1. Dear Gary, It is so good to know that in a time of recession you are kept very busy with all of your gardens. You certainly deserve that pint at the end of the day.