Thursday, 27 May 2010


As you can see from the OFFICIAL Met Office weather report on the right of my blog, rain was NOT forecast today! I got up, the days schedule made up ready, shorts...check.....tea shirt....check.....sunglasses.....check.....ongoing suntan.....check.....umbrella...uh? What's all this wet stuff coming down and where is the sun?

Now I'm not one to complain, but how many millions of pounds do we sink into the met office pockets only for them to be wrong most of the time?One of the gardens that I look after has a vast lawn, that over winter suffered MAJOR damage due to an infestation of chafer larvae and the subsequent ripping up of said lawn by hungry foxes, rooks, magpies etc. To combat this, 10kg of a product called Merit Turf was purchased at a staggering cost of £260.00. All I have been waiting for is a forecast for some rain so that it could be applied beforehand....where was the warning??
Now my schedule is out and the Merit Turf is still in the box...Grrrr.
Oh how I miss the days of retiring to the potting shed or greenhouses on a rainy day, radio softly playing in the background. I hope it dries up by lunchtime. Will let you know.


  1. Gary, Sorry to see your plans for the day were ruined. Hope things improve as the day goes along. - G

  2. at least you dont have hail stones like us further north today hope the turf will be ok.

  3. We had rain yesterday but not today.

  4. Oh how frustrating! I don't blame you for being put out considering how much you've been wanting just that rain (and the rain warning of course!).