Sunday, 27 June 2010

And they are off!!

Ahhh.......That holiday feeling. About to head off for a weeks camping at Cheddar Gorge. Very sunny and hot, let's hope it lasts. I hope that it's possible to do a couple of posts while away as well. Bye for now...........


  1. Dear Gary, Your picture of the road ahead is very splendid indeed, just like John Wayne heading out into the sunset, in your case the dawn, having captured the girl, in your case, Amanda. Enjoy - the weather promises to be ideal.

  2. Happy holidays Gary and well deserved given all those gardens you've tended in the run up to what looks like a perfect getaway

    Look forward to many posts on your return!


  3. Hi, I just wanted to draw your attention to your use of my photo:

    I am fine with you using it, but in return you must attribute me (Daniel McCullum) as the photographer, and provide a link to the flickr page as required by the Creative Commons license.

    Thank you for helping support another artist!