Thursday, 17 June 2010

Crisis over

Firstly, can I say a big thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts, messages and prayers. Ella is now much better as you can see. She has to have further tests over the next few weeks, but she is home with her family now. How great is our God?

And so a sigh of relief is given, and now I can update you all a bit about things going on in the gardening world. Our garden is now in all it's summer glory, and that means that whilst I am out 'on the road', doing my gardening, A is tackling ours at home. Here she is pruning and doing a bit of staking......well that's what she tells me, I think she has a chair and a cold drink in there somewhere!

Misty decides to make a rare appearance in the garden. Her brother Hobie tends to be the garden cat, always dozing, whilst she is more of a street cat.

I am really not sure what the Sempervivum is up to. If ever a plant looked like it had taken LSD, then this is it! It will have to be potted on later, but I'm not sure how easy that will be.

Hobie about to fall asleep on the table. The strange thing about this cat is that whilst A is watering with a hose, he will come near enough to let her spray him. At this point he will run away, but not far at all, before returning very quickly for another spray. This can go on for several sprays and so we are convinced that he just gets hot and likes to cool down.

The Tibouchina is now flowering well.

My favourite flower of all time, the Kalmia latifolia. When customers sometimes have to move away, they will let us choose a shrub to take before they leave. This shrub was planted in their garden by us about ten years ago. It never really thrived there, but fortunately we chose this as our 'gift' and it is really doing well since they left about five years ago. Just out of interest, the couple became good friends of ours and were even at our wedding and on our journey to Edinburgh later in the year we shall be seeing them once again.

Yesterday I went once again to the cottage estate at Mudeford. To say that it's a small world doesn't quite do it. Who should be there as well but my brother Ian. He runs a computer service and was visiting one of his clients who live on the estate. There I was peacefully in a world of my own mowing, when out he jumped!

The parking spaces aren't big enough for me.

Another place that I go to in Christchurch. The view from each corner is roughly the same.

It was a long, hot day. In the evening I had to take A to Poole and so while I waited for her, I found a nice little spot to have a cold one......that's mine on the right. Later, when A returned, we went for a coffee at a lovely little bistro called Harry's, in Canford Cliffs.
That's all for now folks. It's now 7.30am and work is calling once again. A very heavy day ahead....will keep you posted..........TTFN


  1. Dear Gary, I am so relieved that Ella is once more at home and I share the great happiness which you must all feel.

    Your garden is, judging from the pictures, truly flourishing. I think that is possible that A, far from having a chair hidden amongst the shrubs, most likely had a sun lounger, drinks table and stack of books. The Kalmia is, indeed, lovely. It is a shrub which I once attempted but largely failed with as, if I recall correctly, it requires acidic conditions. Whatever, yours is near perfect.

  2. So happy to hear little Ella is recovering and home !! God is good . I know you can all start breathing again . Yard looks so pretty , lush . thanks for the update, Gina

  3. What wonderful news that Ella is home and recovering! She is beautiful and so is your garden.

  4. Gary, What great new that Little Sprout is back home. I am sure the Grandparents and Parents alike are still pacing the floor though. And who could blame A if she does have a chair hidden!!! That is a lovely spot the take a quiet repose. - G

  5. Hello Gary - your prayers have been answered so a bright and colourful post to go with the good news. I love that blue of the Tibouchina - what unusual and interesting plants you have. Great writing style too