Friday, 16 July 2010

Not a nice week

I am sitting here at 6.30am, looking out on grey skies and howling winds. After quite a few weeks of glorious sunshine and still weather, followed by last weekend with the wedding on Saturday and then a nice easy and lazy Sunday, the week started off quite promising. I guess that I shouldn't have raised my hopes, because from Tuesday onwards things certainly changed.
First to come were the thick grey clouds, and over time this has been followed by torrential rain, and for the last two days strong winds as well. I suppose that I am simply one of those people that feels very up when it's sunny, but very down when it's not. Also, to have this emotional stuff tied into ones work doesn't help, as not only is it a real downer when the weathers lousy, but work is really awful as well. What were neat and tidy gardens are now covered in rubbish, tilthed and weed free soil is now panned flat, delicate shrubs have chunks missing and to top it all off, my wife told me last night that my tomatoes had blown flat.......after getting very wet, heaving them against the house wall and pinning them there with about fifty canes in the dark, I think they may survive, although they don't look the proud specimens that they once were....sigh!
In the past, when I have felt like this, I have prayed for strength and a good day, but at the moment I have cursed so much and asked Him for so much already, that I feel unable to.
I'm sorry that this isn't a very uplifting post, but it would be a false one if was called 'A Day in the Life', and didn't have bits of everything.
Only one more day to go and it's the weekend.


  1. Sometimes, when we get to feeling really low, we need our friends to do the praying for us. I will say a prayer that you have a bright and sunny weekend and that you begin next week with renewed strength and good spirits.
    You are right that it is false to only right about the good days!

  2. Sorry it was such a bad week, Gary. It must be awful to be a gardener in the midst of weather like that. Just remember, God "knows our frame" and "is mindful that we are but dust". He wants the real you when you come to Him, because He loves the real you, even if it's grumpy. And it's "His kindness that leads us to repentance" and brings a brighter outlook. I had to have a bit of a "thank You" therapy session myself this morning. Hope your weekend is going better. I'll pray, too. Glad you posted about this "day" in your life.

  3. Hi Gary - I work as a gardener too - but in Wales, so we have had 10 days of rain (wet welsh rain) here now - and worst of all grey skies - so I have some understanding of how you felt.