Friday, 20 August 2010


It's Friday, late afternoon, and around now each week I make a list of any paperwork that needs attending to over the weekend and as it's also nearly the end of the month, check invoices to see who has or hasn't paid their bill. Always a frustrating time, and so to create a calm and peaceful ambience I like to listen one of three different types of music. Baroque, Gregorian Chant, or in this case Bachs Cello Concertos which are a particular favourite. It never ceases to amaze me just how slack people can be when settling up their bill, and for a small company it can be crippling. After working out this months outstanding stuff, can you believe that it comes to a staggering amount just short of £2000! And so more time has to now be sent contacting them and sending out reminders, yet again......Aarrgghhh!Right, that's done...and so onto the last half of my week.
On wandering around the garden with my morning coffee before work, I check out anything that catches my eye.

The bronze man is relaxing among the ferns.

The pot of Rudbeckia brightens up this dark corner near the patio door, We've had this clump in a pot for about five years now. Sometimes it does well, and others as is the case this year, it does alright.

The Tibouchina is just simply going from strength to strength. I adore this plant and hope that we can somehow keep it alive over winter as we no longer have a greenhouse.

One of the places needed all of it's lawns mowing and edging, a task that takes around three and a half hours, and can you believe it, the rain held off until I quite literally closed the van door to leave, and then the heavens opened!.......for the rest of the day.

This is part of the same place, and as you can see, the grass is just starting to recover from the earlier drought.

Amanda had been attending to some stuff in town, and so as work was somewhat curtailed due to the monsoon, I phoned her and arranged to meet her in a bar called Soho in Westbourne.
I'm getting worried for my own sanity as my little camera now goes everywhere with me so that I can take blog pictures.
Today was one of those days when I woke up really tired and fed up. Unable to muster any positive thinking, I steeled myself for the dull day ahead and the hard jobs that lay in store. Amanda, being the amazing wife that she is, came through to the kitchen and saw my long face and lacklustre smile, and offered to come out to help me for the day to chum me along. I am so blessed to have her, and as the day went on she did indeed lift my spirits and we both ended up having a great time. We stopped for a coffee break at one point, relieving ourselves of some change to get instant drinks from a dispensing machine in the local newsagents. Amanda went for black tea...on the left, and I chose a latte.....on the right!?....I think the machine needs fixing, but it was a good black coffee anyhow.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had been asked to quote for the regular maintenance of a retirement home. Not what you may call prestigious, or for that matter in any way attractive or inviting, but hey, it's work and I don't take that for granted. As you can see there are hedges.....

.....and hedges......

.....and hedges......

....and more hedges.......

....did I mention the hedges?.......

....and even more hedges.........

.....and more.....

Oh yes.....and more hedging.....

.........and another bit of hedge! I'm going to have to track down Edward Scissorhands for this one. Let's give it some thought over the weekend. For now though, just before I am doing this post, lets see what catches my eye in our garden.

Kniphofia. This little beauty was showing nothing but strappy leaves a week ago, but the little bit of rain has resulted in it sending up a mass of it's wonderful and majestic flowers....just love it!

We have got ;oads of different Agapanthus through the garden, and this one has only thrown up one bloom this year for some reason, but what a bloom you little cutie.

There are several pots by the front door, and even though it was just a last minute idea to stuff the last empty pot with them in spring, the coleus have worked really well....I think anyway.
That's all folks!.......TTFN


  1. Dear Gary, Oh, dear me, those hedges. Simply yards of them. Perhaps more serious thought of part-time help is needed if you are to take on this maintenance job.

    The Soho bar loks very chic. Do not tell me that your affections have been stolen from the Haven Hotel?

  2. Hi Edith,

    I'm seriously considering not taking that particular job on. As for the Haven Hotel, definitely still the best in my book, so no worries there!

  3. One good thing, with all that hedging you don't need to go to a just go to one every workday. fun trip around, I can relate about the camera thing, I have had to leave mine behind to actually enjoy a day without sharing it on my blog. It can spoil some moments while you're trying to get just the right shot. thanks, Gina

  4. Gary, I can really understand how you feel about the slow payments coming in. Now about the hedges. That was a lot of hedge. My question, is it being used to deaden noise? And finally could you send me a little of your energy !!! I just want enough to get my garden to look as good as yours. - G

  5. Hi Gina,
    The hedge cutting does indeed keep the old arm and stomack muscles tight, but unfortunately over the years my joints are giving in. Good old ibuprofen helps though.

  6. Hi Gary,
    I don't think it's for the noise level. I think it was just put there by a sadistic landscaper!

  7. Hi Gary - Baroque is perfect for accounts as it's musical maths...but you need something more strident to summon up the oomph to chase late payers. You are blessed in having Amanda to chum along when you feel oomphless, especially with all those miles of hedges. Thanks for the insight into the labours of a professional gardener, which has it's moments in some beautiful flowers


  8. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for those comments. I am indeed blessed to be married to Amanda. I think a lot of people think that gardening can be nothing but a pleasure to have as a vocation, and I call it that instead of a job because it does take over ones whole life, be it pruning gently at home or slogging for a week in the rain hedge trimming. Whatever my mood about it at times, I wouldn't change it for anything else.....except of course for a lottery win!