Saturday, 7 August 2010

Saturday Evening with James

8pm........and at this point I should be cooking pieces of lamb and homemade apple bread over a camp fire in a remote part of Poole Harbour, having kayaked out with my brother, where an evening of fishing, food, Jack Daniels and conversation around the camp fire was planned for the whole night.........shame about the rain...................we took the executive decision to postpone until next Saturday as the rain is sporadic and heavy. We simply must get our 'man time' together before he jets off with his wife to Madagascar!
I was in Bournemouth with Amanda at the time that I called him and the decision was made. The beach around the pier head was amass with quite literally hundreds of Africans, setting up for the evening. Drums, music, dancing. Masses of food and countless large pots of various stews etc were there to feed the hungry as the wild dancing ensued. Not a drop of alcohol (except from the good old brits trying to 'do the African thing' but failing miserably because of their typical drunkeness) was being consumed. Coca Cola, fruit juice and water was all they needed to quench the thirst as they danced. It was absolutely hypnotic! Away from the pier and at the beginning of the gardens, Salsa lessons were being given free to the masses as nearby the steam carousel turned......Bournemouth really is an extraordinary place at times!
We came home and how the weather had changed, but alas so had the time and tides. As they say 'Time and tide wait for no man', and how true, as we had now missed both. If you were to try and kayak near the entrance of Poole Harbour, the tide would suck you out through the run and send you off to France before you could scream 'HELP!'
And so on this beautiful evening, another lovely plan was put into action. James Taylor has been put on the CD player and fills the house with his wonderful, mellow sound. Amanda has cooked a wonderful meal and things are just so perfectly mellow. I have put in a few colourful pictures to reflect the mood.

Our Hydrangea villosas are flowering well now.

A garden that I tend in Mudeford, although not very big, is beautiful at this time. Pat, the resident, can be seen helping to dead head the flowers as she enjoys the company. Truth be told I do too! She always has sweet tea and jammy dodgers ready for my arrival.

As the rain moved away this evening, a double rainbow formed over our back garden.

This orchid that a gave Amanda has been flowering for months now.

Finally, our roses in the hall are opening up and brightening things up.


  1. Dear Gary, As you say, what extraordinary sights on Bournemouth beach. Still never a dull moment, and I am pleased that you have had time for relaxing at home.

  2. Gary, Sorry that your plans to spend an evening with your brother were a wash. But it sounds like you still had a most wonderful time. - G

  3. Edith,
    The summer months can certainly bring out the party goers in Bournemouth.

  4. Gary,
    It looks as though next Saturday is now the plan....fingers crossed!

  5. Gary, you'll have to explain what a "jammy dodger" is to this old Yank. Sorry to hear about your plans but it does sound like you had a nice time, nonetheless. Lovely blooms too!

  6. Hi Jean,
    A jammy dodger is a biscuit (or I believe a cookie in the US). Sweet cream and jam sandwiched between two crisp layers of shortbread. One side has a smiley face embossed on it so that the red jam shows through.....very scrummy!

  7. Africa in Bournemouth is hard to imagine but sounds exotic! Despite the 'best laid plans' your day is beautifully captured in your narrative - and there's always a lovely meal included.


  8. Hi Laura,

    Our "best laid plans" certainly do seem to "gang aft aglay" as the man said, but then such is life and ours is, on the whole, well blessed.

    The meal on this occasion was Lebanese lamb kefta in a lemon and ginger sauce with couscous. Not a bad effort, but we could've done with a fire extinguisher as I was just the teensiest bit (?!) heavy handed with the red chilli. You understand, I was just trying to recapture the exotic flavour of the afternoon ........ ooops!


  9. Hi Amanda - have you thought of blogging your menus? You certainly come up with some innovative and deliciously diverse selections ...but hold the chilli please!