Friday, 1 October 2010

'Stuff' On a Wet Day

Yep, it's raining again, and not just raining, but blowing such a hooley that the Boston Ivy over the house has started to defoliate!
Now, what to do on yet another wet day apart from stress about how I have become sooo far behind at work, that work of any kind seems pointless at this stage? Well, a little bit more of the accounts stuff has been done, and by this I just mean that some of the expenses have now been added to the spreadsheet on the computer. Also, as autumn/winter lawn food needs to be applied everywhere (please note here that as well as the tools, there is also just under a ton of fertiliser in the van!), and my present spreader is suffering an axle broken with rust due to the ferrous sulphate content of most lawn feeds, I have had to source and purchase at great expense (Oct 2010 expenses spreadsheet though) a brand new Turfmaster SB 4500MG Broadcast Spreader.......sounds grand eh?

So, apart from a little work, what else has been achieved?
Well, one of my interests/hobbies is photography, and I love taking macro photos of plants. And to this end I have a bit of a quiz for everyone. Who can name the plants in the following pictures?

No 1

No 2
No 3

and a little easier... No 4

The evening has seen Amanda meeting up with an old friend from her sign language days, and going for a drink and a chat at Soho's. Me, well I havent seen my youngest daughter Rebecca for several months and so took her for a long awaited bite to eat at Harry's in Canford Cliffs. Always good to here how she is getting on.
And to top it all, my eldest daughter Claire has just secured a promotion at work ..... quite a day as it's turned out!

Goodnight all.......and don't forget to tell me what you think the plants are!!


  1. It sounds like you're catching up with lots of fun things while it's raining! Work might be piling up, but at least you've been able to visit with the daughters!

  2. Dear Gary, As the rain lashed down everywhere yesterday I did, indeed, spare a thought for you as clearly no outside work was possible. Relying on the weather at all times must, I am sure, be one of the greatest problems of your business.

    I shall not attempt to identify the plants - how shaming to be completely wrong!!

  3. Gary,
    I understand how you feel on the rain. I must how ever reflect on your mention of the van. Since starting the readings of your blog posts I have always been amazed at what all manner of gardening items you manage to pack into it. It could have been in Harry Potter, the Van of Requirement. Hmm, wonder where I can get one! Oh better yet, can I just borrow yours? (lol) Hoping you are having a good weekend. - G

  4. Ok Gary, I am going to shame myself by exposing my ignorance!
    1. Rhubarb
    2. Something cruciferous
    3. Osteospernum or other daisy like coneflower
    4. Marrow/Courgette
    thanks for the diversion on a damp day!

  5. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for taking the challenge. And the answer is.....
    1. Echeveria flower just starting to die.
    2. Lettuce leaf.
    3. Osteospermum.
    4. Courgette.