Thursday, 23 December 2010

Quick Update

Things are gearing up for Christmas now. I was able to get around some of the gardens yesterday, working alongside tree surgeons on one property. They were clearing tree damage whilst I used the new blower to not only tidy the last of the debris from the area not still covered in snow, but also found it useful as it is powerful enough to lift ice from the drive. Quite something to see huge sheets of the stuff flying into the air, and rewarding to see the residents smiling again as they were able to drive their cars without sliding onto the lawns etc. At the end of the day Amanda and I crashed on the sofa to watch 'The Maltese Falcon' with Humphrey Bogart. and indulged ourselves in a very large bar of Lindt Fruit & Nut chocolate. Went to Soho Bar around 9pm, returned home at 11pm, hadn't eaten for most of the day (proper food that is), and so made roast potatoes with gravy.....the health drive is on as you can tell! A few days ago I had my brother and sister around for a meal and talk together, something that has never happened before, which when you think that my sister is nearly sixty is such a shame. Still, better late than never, and it will become a regular event from now on. Today is Thursday. We had planned to get each others presents, plan menus for the family meals over Christmas, but the food and then over to my eldest daughters for dinner tonight. Instead, so that the spirit of the event is not lost in the mayhem we have adjusted plans and are doing it all the same with the exception of our own presents to each other shopping being done after Boxing Day, where thought and time can go into it a bit more. Time, company, food and talk are the most important things to make way for. Before we went to Bath we had some very tragic news that has resulted in an event happening on 29th January that will see the remainder of the family brought together, still all over the place about that one, but feel like sharing a bit more maybe after Christmas. Anyway, lifes wheel keeps turning regardless, and we are off to Bournemouth to do food shopping.


  1. Dear Gary - your blower sounds like a useful ice shifting monster and goes well with the menacing chainsaw pictured above! Glad you've managed to do some work against the tide of weather.

    Seems that some of the family dynamics are changing for the even better though I'm guessing you've also had a loss too?
    Anyway, wishing you and Amanda a very blessed and Happy Christmas with your nearest and dearest.

    Look forward to your posts in 2011

  2. Time with loved ones is indeed precious. Enjoy all of the chances you get. Wishing you peace as well this holiday season. Take care and enjoy some more chocolate! Merry Christmas.

  3. Great shot of the ornament!! Happy holidays!!

  4. Sounds like you're having a wonderful holiday so far....keep enjoying it!

  5. Time, company, food, and talk are indeed the things to make way for. My siblings and I (two sisters and a brother) have decided that presence is the best present! Sometimes it's the most expensive to give but also the most treasured gift.