Thursday, 2 December 2010


As Robert Burns once said in his famous poem:

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft agley

And I couldn't agree with him more!
November 30th, and I spent the whole day planning the December work schedule. Garden maintenance, nursery visits, machinery servicing and individual planting schemes were all given a time and date, customers phone and booked in, and the Christmas holiday put firmly in it's place. Yesterday, December 1st, and not only was the day completed as planned, but three hours early! It's funny how things change isn't it?
There I was at 1am last night/this morning, having woken from my slumber, when I became aware of a strange feeling as I lay there staring up at the ceiling. I don't know if any of you get that feeling as well, but it's not just a silence that one hears in the dead of night, but one that you can feel. An awareness that something is different outside even before you take a look. The UK, as you have probably known, is getting snowed on at the moment, the whole country covered in a blanket, but up until now not a trace for us down here in Bournemouth. Until last night!
I went expectantly to the bedroom window, pulled the blinds apart, and once again that childish excitement filled me as it always has done. It's snowing!!

Snow for me has always been a thrill. From the age of four, when I first became aware of the pleasures to be had in it (and the chillblains from making snowmen), to the ripe old age of fifty, the longing to get outside and feel the crunch under ones feet is magnetic.

Hobie isn't quite so keen, sitting by the window looking ponderously out. This is not a cat that copes well with stressful situations.

I had enough time on my hands yesterday to finally tidy the front garden, and did have plans for the back, but I think pruning and hoeing may have to wait a while.

Even my mistress hadn't made it to it's shed in time.

 Although Hobie won't venture out even though his bladder is probably the size of a football by now, Misty elegantly tiptoes outside for the first time. It was funny watching her shake her feet after every step and then plonking them back down in the snow.

 How beautiful snow makes everything look as well.
The Callistemon is transformed (above), and an Acer takes on a whole new form.

How am I going to spend my day now? Well, as usual there are a number of children walking by, and as usual in these circumstances there is a trailer in the drive to act as fortress. I think an hour or so of lobbing snowballs at unsuspecting youths, followed by a little mulled wine is in order......for now anyway!


  1. Hi Gary - I did wonder how the professional gardener would be spending time since the snowfall but had not imagined a snowballing assassin. Your images and description of the eery silence and expectation that comes with snow are lovely...and remember how chilblains and childhood went together, like carrots and peas


  2. Hi Laura,
    Loving it here, how are things at your end?

  3. Gary,
    Yes, yes I too understand the “feeling” of silence and how snow will make that feeling more acute. So you guys are already getting snow, brrr. But I have to agree that it truly makes everything wondrously beautiful. Your posted pictures, while I hate to admit to it, makes myself long for the fluffy, crystalline snow to begin to fall here. Hoping you have a good time, and good aim (lol) with you snow ball flinging. But then that always make for a good reason to partake of mulled wine in front of a warming fire. Hope you have a great day. - G

  4. A snow day!!!!! How I loved to hear that school was cancelled due to snow or even no buses running since we lived in the country. Now, I have a job where I'm needed when others have "snow days." How did I let that happen?
    Enjoy your snowy world. Nice photos.

  5. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for dropping by. It must be an amazing sight to see your area under cover of snow.

  6. Hi Sherlock,
    Weren't those school days simply the best?
    No doubt what you do is much appreciated, even if you don't get time to build a snowman. Take care.

  7. Oh those are lovely snow pictures Gary!
    And yes how I remember chilblains after being out playing in Canadian winters as a child.

    I think our current snow here is the in the right place. We can see it without it causing disruptions.
    Cheers, Sharon.

  8. Hi Sharon,
    I think that not only is a trip to Tenerife due, but maybe one out of season so that we can see Teide as it is in your picture....stunning!