Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Another 'Ho-Hum' Day in Paradise

Had the last couple of injections in the stomach last night, Yey!!! Hospital this morning for more checks, questions and x-ray results. At the moment work is officially 'down the pan', but I am so blessed to have mostly understanding customers who are willing to go with the flow. I did a half day on Saturday, fell asleep in the afternoon through exhaustion, and on going to bed early that night did something that I havent done since my clubbing days...no Mr IG......it didn't involve chandeliers!......I slept until 12 noon the next day. My next work was a half day yesterday, and then spent the afternoon sleeping.......This is not me!!!! I am a go to bed at 1am and get up at 6am type of guy.

One thing that I have been able to do more of is read. I can only read a good novel when not distracted by stuff going on, and preferably on holiday in the middle of nowhere. When life is 'full', as it is at the moment, coffee table books are the order  of the day, and the one that I am reading at the moment is called 'The Lawn - a social history'. A rather interesting and at times amusing read, during which I was reminded of the origin of the modern day mechanised lawn mower, which is in fact just a jumped up cloth de-fuzzer originally used in the textile industry that required incredible skill to use.

The original 1830 lawnmower - pretty cool eh?

Over the years I've had the pleasure of using countless mowers, including one similar to the one above. Petrol rotary ones such as Victa, Hayter, Mountfield, Honda and Kazz to name a few, cylinder mowers including Webb 24", Atco 18" & 24", the good old Suffolk Punch with its 14" blades and even once had the misfortune to be stuck with a M.E.Y. mower....ugly yellow brute with fierce chain drive. Hover mowers, such as Flymo, are not used much in the commercial market any more. Once the mainstay of large bank cutting (which in my idiotic youth cost me three toes), they have now been replaced by the professional with commercial standard strimmers, much easier and safer! So, unless you have a bowling green standard lawn, and just want a top quality finish from a mower that will last for years, ignore cylinder mowers and go for a Hayter Harrier 56 autodrive VS (ignore electric start models - a waste of time as ripcord is so easy to pull and more reliable).

Hayter Harrier 56 autodrive - pure passion on a roller and wheels!

Of course, if you want something a little more comfortable then this next one could be the one for you........

And if you want something a little faster and aren't to fussy about the striping, then have a go with one of these......great fun....and the perfect way to use up all of those spare broken mowers that are laying around!

Can you tell that I only did a few more hours work after the hospital today? Hope this helps if you are thinking of spending some of your Christmas money on a new mower....as if anything else would do!

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  1. My goodness I'd give a fair bit for a motorbike lawnmower.