Friday, 18 March 2011

Andalucian Green Stuff

Just by way of an add on to my last post. In case any of you thought that gardening may have been the last thing on my mind, here is just a tiny selection of some fanatical photo taking. I have split it into two sections, the first being individual plants, and the second being various forms of landscape design.

Individual Plants

Can someone please tell me the name of this next tree with the cream balls all over it. I saw this in several different places and am intrigued.

Landscape Type Pictures


  1. Is your tree not a plane tree? I know them from living in France, and this looks very similar.

  2. Gary could it be Melia Azedarach?
    Do a Google for images or look here:


  3. Hi Linda,
    The fruits are a little similar to a plane tree, but much more creamy in colour.

  4. Sharon.....Yep! Melia Azedarach it most certainly is.....thanks.