Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mothers Day

A lovely day yesterday, and productive as far as work was concerned. Nothing much to tell, just starting to tidy places up a bit before all of the lawn food has to go down everywhere. Today is dull, wet and windy, and as such I have finished work a little earlier, and so before I go to collect Amanda from the train station (she has to travel to Brockenhurst College to study), I shall say a little bit about how Mothering Sunday went.

Amandas mum lives with us, and so the day started with the delivery to her bedside of card and flowers.
Shortly afterwards, daughter Claire and her husband Dom, along with grandkids Joshua and Ella, popped in to give hugs and kisses etc. It was great to see them, and as usual the two grandkids were adorable.....yes Claire.......and you! After they had left to move onto Doms mum, Amanda and I went to Bournemouth for a leisurely stroll through the lower gardens. Absolutely blissful, and managed to get my wife to pose on the steps leading up to the Pavilion.

Then six o clock, and time to take Amandas mum for a nosh up at West Beach Restaurant on the seafront at Bournemouth.
 Hummous & Taramasalata with pitta to start, followed by different types of fish for the ladies, and a butternut squash and carrot risotto for me. Desert was butterscotch parfait for Amanda and summer fruit crumble for me and her mum. A bottle of Prosecco rounded it all of nicely, only trouble was that it had to end.



  1. Obviously a close and supportive family, Gary which is so good to read about. Amanda looks beautiful and relaxed - and as ususal the menu that ends the day ;)
    p.s. popped by your Gates and Doors blog - I too am a gateaholic. Would your put a link back to this blog please for ease of navigation.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for the kind comments. A link back to this blog is being sorted as we speak.

  3. Sounds like a perfect Mum's Day Gary.

    And I passed by your Gates and Doors blog as well. Didn't know you had that one, thanks to Laura for mentioning it. They certainly can be interesting subjects for photography. One of my daughter's neighbours is Japanese and has a red gate into her flower and vegetable garden. She says it's a tradition in Japan to have red gates at the entrance to signify the entrance to a peaceful environment.

  4. Sounds a perfect day for your lucky ladies! Moi, I was doing the supermarket shop at 9 am while husband got ready to go to church, teenage daughter was in Berlin, and 20 year old son (I was going to write teenage and then I remembered he wasn't) was asleep having got home at 4 am from a night out with friends. It was a good day all the same!
    Off to check out your gates and doors blog.