Tuesday, 26 April 2011

This Week

Sorry I haven't been on here sooner, but work went bit arse up for quite a few days, mainly because of two meetings 'scheduled' into the last ten days. On both occasions the estate managers didn't turn up, as it turns out because they were on holiday or further away on business, and had completely forgotten.....nice!
This left me being at the same two places twice, and for far too long, and down by a day. Not usually a difficult problem to factor out by shuffling jobs around, but at this very particular time of year, with lawn food and care, hedges starting to grow and weeds to  control......an absolute nightmare. Some places were rushed, and some didn't get visited at all, and those just had to move forward and bounce another out of the way and so on. Throw in various bank holidays and the royal wedding, and we have one mean set of gardening weeks. Feeling stressed, sweaty and knackered!
Our garden is looking sort of ok at the moment. We have only managed a token clear up this year so far, and everything is a bit too overgrown. Most of the pots are empty, but hopefully we shall put that right in a couple of weeks when things level out. I have managed to prune one of our Acacia dealbata that had grown so much that our neighbour had to climb through it's branches to get into his own back garden, thankfully a very patient family. The avocado are growing well. One is now about three feet high, while it;s little brother is standing at about two. On both, the leaves are toughening up and looking good. They desperately need potting on now, and so I will try and remember to do a 'bit' on here about that.

Azaleas, both evergreen and deciduous, are flowering well now, as are the Berberis darwinii and Ceanothus Concha. Other than all of that, a day spent asleep on Shell Bay and a trip to Exbury (about which I shall post later), and too many cold Peronis after many long and hot days. That's all for now folks. Just a quick update.

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