Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Very Excited!

 One of my longest standing customers are moving away! These gardens designed by me and Amanda many years ago and worked tenderly each week are to be gardened by another gardener! I am handing the baton  over to the new owners plant handlers!.......it's not fair!

Having said that, all is not lost. Although I only have 3 weeks left at this place, the owners, who are two of the nicest people one could ever hope to meet, have asked me to look after their new place.

 And here it is, in all of it's virginal garden glory. Brand new!

 At the moment planting and landscaping classically along the lines and designs of Irish plumber trying to do his best. But that's one of the best parts as........

 .....the owners have asked me, and Amanda who they miss, to re-landscape the grounds......Yeah!!

Some more 'navvy' planting here.....not sure what he was trying to say here.

 Big and deeply planted borders are being planned in our heads already. Also, the owners have asked us to get rid of most of the grass in favour of the new borders, which is perfect for it's location, and any small remaining grass to be replaced with Astro turf. It will look great, and be easy to look after when finished.

 And just to top it all off, the view from their new road isn't too rough either. Poole Harbour, which today was sparkling in the sunlight...Happy Days!


  1. A door closes yet another opens - so glad you have this exciting new project.

  2. That's a huge house Gary! Fabulous that you get to do a whole new garden, but hard to hand to old one over I would expect... hey, do you know how to prune an apple tree properly?

  3. Hi Ginny,
    Exciting times indeed!

  4. Ali,
    I have emailed a good link for you about the apple trees. Enjoy!

  5. What an exciting opportunity, and particularly with such a distinctive home! Not at all what we Americans would picture for an English beach house, which I'm sure makes it even more fun for you. Enjoy playing in your new space!

  6. Hi Tim,
    It's in an area called Sandbanks, which has some of the highest prices houses in the world. This one is still rather small for the area, but perfectly formed I think.

  7. What enormous fun, a blank canvas, or is it cheque, in Sandbanks! I hope you are going to share the plans with us.

  8. Hi Share,
    A blank canvas and cheque this time, and yes, it will be fun. I won't be starting the actual planting until the autumn though, as the Sandbanks area has very light soil and I want to ensure that the new planting has a good (and well watered) start.

  9. Gary, this is truly exciting news for you! Fantastic opportunity and beautiful home/grounds to work with. I can't wait to see the outcome!