Friday, 20 May 2011

Trimming, Trimming, Trimming.

Last Sunday was a really nice day. The sun was shining from the moment we woke up, and so we loaded up the van with the kayaks and equipment, and headed around Poole Harbour to drop them in near Shell Bay, but on the harbour side. Unfortunately, when we got there, even though the sun was lovely and warm, there was an offshore wind blowing, making the harbour itself far too choppy for us. There was of course plenty of extreme sunglass wearing types only too eager to take theirs out, but fighting against the wind and waves is not for us, preferring to just amble along gently and putting the paddle in the water evry two or three minutes or so. And so, without further ado, we headed back the way we came and parked up at The RSPB reserve at Arne

 Many years ago, when seeking to screen areas at Compton Acres Gardens, and seeing as how the RSPB were trying to eradicate them from this reserve, I went with a few of the gardeners to collect some very large Rhododendron ponticum that were being dug up. A plant not native to the area, and far too invasive to tolerate. Today, only a small number survive, and the balance is restored, creating a more natural heathland setting.

 There are various walks throughout the area, that can take you through woodland or heathland etc, and all culminating at Shipstal Point, a sandy beach looking out over the north of Poole Harbour.

 Of course there is a wealth of birdlife, but also quite a few deer, which as you can see in the photo below, venture out onto the marshland to catch some warmth and rest.

 And Shipstal Point, and the very rare form of wildlife known as Amanda, and what a beaut!

Monday, and the start of the working week inevitably arrive, and always far too quickly, and yes, there is still tons of hedgecutting to do.

 Some shrubs need rounding over.........

 ........and backing screens keeping in check.

 Large shrubs shaping.........

 ...and smaller shrubs such as this Abelia above, making tidy.

 Big Laurel hedges, and you can just make out one of several Sweet Bays that also got a haircut.

 Rhododendron the mile.

 Conifers that have outgrown their welcome.............

 .....and more Laurels!

And this was the last one, and indeed the last job of the week..........Yeah!!!!!
Now for some weekend fun...... TTFN!

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