Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Bit of Fun

Firstly, a bit about our garden. The Callistemon flowers have just opened and are looking really good this year. The bit of rain earlier, followed by very warm weather has encouraged the summer flowering stuff to jump into action well and truly. The Macleayas, instead of being eight feet tall are actually twelve....can you believe that?
As far as work goes, two more large planting schemes have been requested by some customers, and so I'm excited about planning them and and pricing them up. Work on these won't start until winter though. The weather has forced everything to start growing again, a little too soon for me really at this point. Usually there is a lull around now, but grass, hedges and shrubs are on the move again, and so I must go like the clappers to get on top of everything once again, before we head to Paris next month.

Sunday was a fabulous day. It started off very foggy, but turned out really sunny and hot by midday. We headed over to Shell Bay around 9am, with a bit of kayaking in mind. When on the ferry, it would seem that others had the same idea in mind!

We love to 'set sail' in this spot, and today the water was as still as a mill pond, and with the fog all was very still and eerily silent. Work schedules, quotes, phone calls and emails are soon forgotten as we soak up the peace of this place and gently paddle into the unknown.

There was no current or wind this time, and so we made several stops, pulled into each other, and just looked and quietly talked while glimpsing the occasional fish jump out of the water and break the mirrored surface.

Yeah, really not bad at all on the water. But all good things have to come to an end, and in this case another was about to start.
Youngest daughter Rebecca was taking part in 'Race for Life' in Poole Park. An event to raise money and awareness for the Cancer Research UK, it sees thousands of women and girls of all ages, condition and health, run for 5kms. There were people suffering with cancer and it's debilitating treatments taking part, some pushing their own wheelchairs, little girls aged around 5years running with their mums, and even a couple of guys jumped in somewhere along the course dressed in pink wigs and tutus, to bring a little humour to the event. In the picture below can be seen just a small section of the women taking part, being led by some ladies on the platform in a zumba warm up.

Becky of course finished in glowing style, running across the finishing line barely out of breath.

Well done Becky!!! And lot's of money raised.
It has been, and still is, an extremely hard time for her at the moment as her boyfriend of 4 years was hit by a car a couple of weeks ago, leaving him with a badly smashed leg, broken arm, busted face, and all on the night before they were both due to go on a very exciting adventure holiday. But she did it anyway despite feeling quite rough, tired and stressed out.

And last but not least, can you believe it? We had a letter from the allotment association come through, offering us another plot at the allotments! We are now the proud owners of two very overgrown plots, both of which are for this year at least totally devoid of any fruit and veg. On the plan is where they are both placed. Our first one is highlighted in red and partly shaded, the other is highlighted in orange, and in full sun.
I suppose we should give them both some serious thought now?


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