Sunday, 31 July 2011

Paris Plants and Gardens

It's been a toughy work wise. Always a bit of a game of catch up when a week off is taken. But as promised, here are some 'green' piccies of places we went to in Paris. Rather than drone on about each place, this time I will just let you wander through yourselves, with only a brief description to guide you.

The Ile de la Cite

 Notre Dam from the Pont de l'Archeveche
Gardens to the rear of Notre Dam (lovely Cleome spinosa)

Vert Galant

Also on the Ile de la Cite is the Marche aux Fleurs, a very large series of mini indoor garden centres and florists that are open every day. It was at this point in the day that the heavens opened up and the thunder started for the only rainy part of the trip. Such a shame to have to shelter in these glorious tunnels!

 Just another lovely leafy street.

 I love the way in which the trees seem to work with the architecture. This was one that caught my eye as we drifted along the St.Martin canal on a barge.

 We came across this living wall, well building, whilst walking along the Seine on our way to the Eiffel Tower. A permanent feature, the whole building had been covered in a thick membrane, through which water pipes were riddled, and all sorts of plant life encouraged to grow. How lovely towns of the future would be if the buildings were like this.

 I just loved the denseness of this Perovskia on the right, with the cafe of the mad accordian player in the background.

 These trees, near the Place de la Concorde, were huge, and had been clipped on the sides AND the top. Quite common in this part of Paris, quite a large and difficult job to be done as accurately as these had.

 The Tiulerries

 At the end of these impressive and restful gardens, The Louvre.

 At Mont Martre, opposite the tiny cabaret club Le Lapin Agile, is the last remaining Parisien vineyard.

 This is it in it's entirety. The vines very healthy indeed and bearing masses of young fruit. The second picture shows one of the access walkways leading under a tunnel. Not only a functioning vineyard, but a lovely little garden as well!

Finally, we came across these two trees. Can anyone tell me what they are please? The second one appears to look like an Elderberry, but isn't.

Thanks for taking the time to walk through Paris with me.


  1. What wonderful leafy places you found. Such pretty flowers and that living wall is awesome. I like all the lanterns in your photo and I think I see a few hats there I'd like to try. As for the mystery trees, The one with the pink flowers looks like a mimosa. My mom has one that is often in the family gathering photos. She likes that tree. Thank you for sharing and hope you're settled back into life and your work.

  2. Yes, the top one is a Mimosa, my fav tree with it's pink fluffy blossoms. Wow, wow and wow on your trip ~~ I believe I actually started whining and wimpering with the shot of the Louvre. TORTURE for me. thanks alot.

  3. Hi Sherlock,
    There were indeed quite a few hats, and I must confess to trying on a few of the mens ones. Thanks for letting me know the name of the mimosa, I have now looked it up and may even get one!

  4. Hi Gina,
    Paris really is somewhere that you have to go to somehow, it really is amazing. And hey, that mimosa is your favourite?...what a coincidence that it caught my eye as well, a lovely tree. As for the Louvre, we visited there on our last trip to Paris (10 years ago!), and it's vast. My favourite piece there was the Cupids kiss to Psyche, a picture of it in my sidebar.