Monday, 19 September 2011

Possession Snobbery

A little while ago, my daughter Rebecca jokingly pointed out that instead of referring to it as a mobile phone or such like, I like all others that have one, always refer to it as 'The IPhone' or 'My IPhone'. I hadn't realised, and was mortified. Why is it that such possession snobbery takes place? Sure, 'My IPhone' is quite good, it does quite a lot AND makes phone calls, but other than the calls (which any mobile phone can do), it doesn't do as much as my home PC, and you don't hear me say to Amanda "Can you just print this up on the Hewlitt Packard?"
It made me realise that people do this with all sorts of things. Those that are fortunate to have an Aga in their home, never refer to it as the stove, or cooker, it's "I'll cook you something up on the Aga" or "Our house is heated by the Aga"

Indeed, Amanda herself, like all other owners of that illustrious footwear, never refer to them as just boots, it has to be "I think I'll wear my Doc's today", and Doc's is the name they all use.

I suppose it's because of the notoriety and reliability, but we transit drivers refer to our van as 'The Transit' instead of 'the van'. I will take 'The Transit' or load the 'The Transit', as van would apparently seem too lowly a title for such a status symbol!
Fellow bloggers, what other things do you call by name in a similar fashion?

Workwise, things are a little more under control. Although the weather has been horrendous, I have been able to get on top of things mostly, although a quote for a new large planting scheme seems to be taking forever and should really go in this week. It's difficult when particular plants have to be sourced from several different nurseries, and sometimes they have to import them from another country first. It makes timing, availability and pricing very hard indeed. Autumn is very much on the horizon now, and is a time for a deep breath as I steel myself for the leaf clearing that will ensue. At the moment though, it's nice just to enjoy the colder days and colour that's around. To that end let me show you a bit of autumn colour showing in our own garden.

Acer aconitifolium


Acer palmatum dissectum

Parthenocissus tricuspidata Veitchii

Last but not least, the training is going well. We are all managing to stick with the program so far, and on this coming Saturday will be increasing the load. Last Saturday saw us running along the promenade in torrential rain, so hopefully this weekend will be better. It's now 7am and not surprisingly the forecast is for rain (I'm definitely going to have to move to a sunnier place!). Six gardens to do, none of which are at all inspiring, and so a three cup of tea day methinks. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Ooo Gary you are one handsome man :D

    Now my question is, what is someone fabulous enough to have an iPhone then doing having a Hewlett Packard (which I presume is some sort of computer), and not a Mac?

    Bad Gary. Go get a Mac. THEN you'll say I'll just fire up my Mac :)

  2. I love that quote on the side from Ameil. I am going to promptly 'borrow it' and put it somewhere, or everywhere. Either or, maybe both.

  3. Gary,
    What an eye opening post!!! And your question has been quite thought provoking, I don’t drive a car or a station wagon, I drive a Subaru. I don’t wear jeans; I wear Levi’s. You have truly made and accurate observation on our present day culture.

    And yes, Mother Nature is a cruel mistress at times, dazzling us with blazing color then discarding it and abandoning us to pick up the litter. Hoping you have a glorious week. – gary

  4. Hi Ali,
    Thanks for the compliment. As for owning an IMac...oh how I wish, but unfortunately the price of one is beyond the means of this humble gardener.

  5. Gina,
    It's a particularly nice quote I thought. Where are you going to put it?

  6. Hi Gary,
    The brand thing is quite interesting isn't it? Levis were another name that came to my mind, and I have done the same with them in the past (well heck, they ARE Levis and not JUST jeans!)