Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Winding Down To Christmas

Less than two weeks to go until our Christmas holiday officially starts, and then five....yes five whole weeks off..........YEY!!!!

In the meantime, the clearing and replanting continues with the next phase at the cottages in Mudeford. The rest of the border is full and taking shape, and there was only the end nearest in the photo to finish. It all looks a bit sparse at the moment, but come next summer, it should start to show the finished look.

Maintenance and pre-Christmas clear ups continue as usual.

And the gardens at the nursing home are about there for the winter.

Between all of the gardening work, and Amandas college assignments, time has been pretty much spoken for, and during the last four or five weeks we haven't had much free time. And so it was that enough was enough, and we grabbed a few hours on Sunday afternoon and headed for a beach walk and coffee at the Haven Hotel.

It was good to get some sea air blowing through us, and a time to talk about casual stuff.


The Haven Hotel was, as always, a picture of elegance and refinement. We drank coffee and tea together, and chatted about anything other than work and study.

Yep.......and had fun with the revolving doors!


All that fresh sea air and relaxation, well, we just had to round it all off with a night cap.............didn't we?



  1. Good to see you're not all work and no play.
    I never pass on the chance to go through a revolving door. There is exactly one revolving door in our small city. Anytime I need to go to that building I always use the revolving door!

  2. lol.....revolving doors, lifts (or elevators in the US), moving stairways in stores and walkways in airports.....can't resist 'em!

  3. Five weeks off! Now that's a proper holiday. I have three, and it's not nearly long enough.
    That bottle of Talisker is looking healthily depleted!

  4. I am so jealous of your five weeks that I can hardly stand it :) I only have two days off! Looks like a fun relaxing afternoon that you had. Hope you have a fantastic joyful holiday!

  5. Linda, Can you believe that I never used to like whisky until I was first introduced to Amandas scottish grandfather some fifteen years ago.

  6. Hi Ginny,
    I don't get much proper holiday during the rest of the year. Work is such that every winter the visits drop substantially, and so I take advantage of that and work my schedule accordingly. Only trouble is, it's much tougher getting the old bones moving again when work starts again!