Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Logistics, Logistics

I can't believe that it's been over a week since I last posted. Oh, how time flies faster and faster as one ages eh? I even promised to do a mid week post about Brownsea Island, and I may yet tag that on to the end of this one, by way of offering a little relief into this stressed out mind.

What with the bank holiday weekend, things as I mentioned workwise had become a tad, how do you say...crazy. Some of the bank holiday simply had to go over to work, because of the sheer amount of stuff that we had to get through. Well, we got through it, mostly, and while having a celebratory pint of beer at The Porterhouse, talked of things achieved, and plans for the up and coming week. It then dawned on us that this next weekend had us down for a trip to London, and going up on the Friday morning....another four day week??...Aghh! We were at this point still trying to convince the owners of the re-landscape project to go for the much more ornamental pebbles (and subsequently expensive) to cover the rear borders, as opposed to cheaper, less attractive ones, and given that they are abroad, everything is being done by email until their return at the end of the month. I finally sent a comparison picture to them, and thankfully they have gone for the better ones, a decision that I am conviced they won't regret making. Which would you pick out of the two?

These are to cover very large areas, and so are probably more important overall than the planting. I made some frantic phone calls, and the sixteen tons are being delivered from Scotland on Tuesday (today)
On top of that, and in the same back garden, I mentioned in a previous post that a huge Eucalyptus tree was cut down. Unfortunately, the huge stump was left in place, and slap bang infront of the main view from the house. And so, at the weekend I met a tree surgeon on site to arrange the stump grinding of said stump, also for Tuesday (today). We are looking forward to London, but somehow have to cram Fridays work into the remaining four days, and so yesterday (Monday), I mowed manically at all of the properties scheduled, and even went to a couple of extra places to kick things off. Amanda was unable to help on this occasion, because unfortunately she was taken ill and had to stay in bed. But the day went well, and I was buzzing and psyched up ready for Tuesday, and more of the same. The properties were lined up, mobile number at the ready with the stone haulier, so that I can meet him at a moments notice at the landscape project, and ensure they get lifted into the correct place, and even the stump being removed.....sorted!

But this is the UK. We have had drought....until today (Tuesday). On starting to come around from a long and heavy nights sleep, I heard that familiar sound of rain being blown against the window. I expect the pebbles will still be coming at some point today, but the gardening isn't going to happen, and so must be put over to next week now. And I doubt very much if the tree surgeon will attempt to use the stump grinder in this weather, as it's a big and violent machine to use on the dryest/safest of days. So, I have come downstairs, mobile phone by my side and at the ready, and have decided to mostly take the day off, make a cuppa, and post on my blog through bleary eyes.

Second cuppa is ready, in my 'let's get seriously tea'd' mug, and so let me tell you all a bit about our trip to Brownsea Island last weekend.

 It was one of those glorious spring mornings. You know the sort, bright sunshine, but with a chill in the air that means that you should take a jumper, just in case. Our boat 'The Maid of the Islands' arrived to collect us at the jetty by the Haven Hotel, and we took the 15 minute voyage over to Brownsea.

 Owned by the National Trust, the island is the site of the birthplace of the scout movement. Even to this day, a memorial stone marks the place where Baden-Powell set up his first ever camp, with a small group of intrepid young boys.

Sometimes, to add a little interest or focus when taking photographs, I like to give myself a theme to work to, and today I chose 'Lord of the Rings'. I'm not looking for exact copies of Frodo or Legolas, but just things that make me think of it.

 I thought that our path was similar to the road to Bree.

 Can you see the Ents faces in these two trees?

We are going to have to get a second camera for our Istanbul trip in May, but for now we have to share the Canon, and Amanda, as ever, just gives me her cute smile whenever I try to rescue it off her, and have to settle for my phone camera instead. She did take some stunning photos of the view across the harbour to Corfe though, so mustn't complain.

 But I do occasionally get hold of it, and love to secretly take photos of her, doing one of the things she loves, this time with her phone though.

 The island management run continuous educational progams for children and adults alike. From bird watching, to camping and woodland interests. Occasionally, you may be lucky enough to spy some handicraft lurking up amongst the trees, such as this red squirrel.

And of course there are the peacocks, lot's of them, and it's spring, and love is in the air.

 What lady could resist this beautiful display of manhood?

 We had a long and lovely day, stopping at the castle's cafe for a mug of coffee and pot of tea before catching the last ferry back. A day spent with all of the logistics and difficulties of work way out of mind.

 Coffee or tea, decisions, decisions.......now they are logistical problems that I like!

Thanks for looking in! TTFN


  1. Gary,
    Of course it’s raining, is that not how it always goes? Big plans, lots to do, everything lined up… then “rain”. But by the looks of that mug you have everything under control.

    Brownsea Island looks to be a wondrous place to spend a day (or several) and your journal has some amazing captures. Lord of the Rings, great theme and your execution of it great. Hoping the reset of the workweek will be as pleasant as you trip to Brownsea, Take care. – gary

  2. Gary, thanks for such kind comments. And on the weather front, despite the Met Office saying that it's raining heavily in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, it is in fact clear with bright sunshine now! Better go and do some work now methinks.

  3. I choose the pebbles on the right.
    Thanks for taking us along once again on your travels. Such interesting sites. Love, love, love the peacocks!!!!

  4. Hi Sherlock,
    ANd indeed, the ones on the right were finally delivered yesterday, and ha!...even that didn't go smoothly.

  5. Now I like the pebbles on the left, more earthy tones to them. Great pictures of you both, hope Amanda starts feeling better ! Take care, Gina

  6. Great photos!! Love the one of your wife enjoying the fauna up close and personal! So intriguing to see your world!! Thanks for the great tour! Enjoy your weekend in London!

  7. Love the photos. I like the pebbles on the left. More colourful but then I paint my walls purple!!!!

  8. Gina,
    Now you are just trying to cause trouble. One's on the left indeed!

  9. Hi Melanie,
    Nice to see you here. I do love to take secret photos of Amanda. Just off to London now.

  10. Hi Lindsey,

    Purple walls!....explains you're choice in pebbles I suppose. Thanks for dropping in, and I still enjoy reading your blog.