Thursday, 11 October 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I would like to enthrall all of you with tales of new and exciting planting schemes, of adventures around the plant nurseries, or images of spectacular gardens, but truth be told it is STILL raining pretty much most of the time. Our work schedule is non-existent, and we are relying mostly on people good nature not to get too uptight about our lack of garden attendance. On the up side, the large property that I had to re-tender for was a success, with the other competitors simply being totally off the scale competition wise, and so the future is once again a little more secure thank goodness. Last night here was also a phone call requesting a quote for ongoing maintenance at a new place, and an email asking us to once again completely spruce up a large and futuristic private home. This was particularly nice because we sort of 'won' it from a local major competitor via word of mouth recommendation. In the meantime, a little of what has been going on, other than getting wet, leaf blowing, pruning and if we were lucky mowing.
At the Sandbanks house, we have taken delivery of some rather nice, modern pots. These were chosen to help add colour to the back garden, and to break up the hard line between the decking and artificial grass. The large once in particular would be far too heavy to move easily when full of wet compost, and so a mixture of roughly two thirds compost to one third polystyrene beads were used.
It was raining, of course, and the plastic of our waterproof made the task very challenging, as we were statically charged, and as soon as the bags were opened, the light beads shot all over us, and despite our best efforts to 'ground' ourselves, continued to head for our arms and chests, and needed constant wiping off.
It seems to have worked though, and the beads will also help with the free drainage of them when complete. I must ask that you don't notice the amount of pine needles all over the place. Usually kepy spotless, the owners are away, and it was simply raining too much for us to progress very well at all.
 We did have one sunny day at the weekend, and decided to once again head over to Studland and Shell Bay. The seaweed continues it's annual build up, and will eventually be covered by tidal sand, securing the beach once more for the future.
The cowrie hunt was on again, and I must say that I was on form this time. Usually, eagle eyed Amanda is the one to spot these tiny little gems, but I now have new glasses, and gave her a run for her money!

It was as usual a lovely, relaxed and conversation filled walk, and we talked about work, holidays, the girls, troubles and hopes, in fact pretty much anything, it has always been that sort of place.
Lastly, I have a confession to make, and one for which I am ashamed. I am vegetarian, and have been for a long time now. It was a decision taken on ethical grounds, not taste. Nothing makes my mouth water more than a proper Weiner Schnitzel, roast chicken or full English breakfast complete with Black Pudding. The good old Bacon Sandwich has taken me down several times, I'm not perfect. The other night though, I committed the biggest sin of all, and one that I am sure will take it's toll at a later date, I bought some KFC!!! It was the secret coating flavour that I craved, and after a long, wet and late days gardening I was weak. Chicken pieces and fries for goodness sakes, the devils food!
You can probably tell that I am not a fast food fanatic, in fact I have always tried to avoid such places like KFC, Burger King, and the worst place of all.....MacDonalds. At the latter, no such refineries such as a plate and cutlery with table service, no, at this establishment it would appear that the 'done thing' is to take your plastic food wrapped up in plastic and card, whereupon it is then spread upon the table as one might for the garden birds, and delve in with fingers....such class! Ever wonder why nobody smiles in one of the golden arches outlets? 
Anyway, I digress a little. The KFC did what it always did in the past. It tasted good, satisfied a craving, but left me with a guilty conscience regarding how the birds are severely mistreated, and a bad stomach. I can't apologise for the bad stomach, but truly regret what happened to the birds for my craving.
I had to venture into our local 'entertainment' park to find the KFC and such like. A place like every other one worldwide I expect, souless, it was nothing other that a collection of bad chain food outlets, not a single independent at all. Cinemas, bowling alley, and a night club completed the array, but the one that actually caught my attention enough to have me stand in the road and photograph it was 'Georgie Porgies Buffet World'. Food from every nation all under one roof, trough provided for each inmate, all washed down with bad beer and illuminated with neon lighting.....pure class eh?

And that was about it for now. Thanks for dropping by to take a look.


  1. What troopers you are working in the rain that way. The planting turned out great.
    Sounds like another lovely time at the beach. We are going to experience some beaches next year. Plans are made for a holiday for us like we've never had. I hope we find treasures like you.
    The KFC incident...gosh, those cravings can be over powering especially when you have to seek it out that much. My weakness with things I shouldn't eat occurs when it's "right there."
    Just keep on keeping on.

    1. Ooh, Gardener! "a holiday like we've never had." Now that sounds exciting! :-)

  2. At least the rain is warm. We've been lucky here in Co Durham. Three dry sunny days and the last of the harvest is in.
    It must be three years since I had a KFC....It was, as you say, the coating that tempted me. I can still remember the greasy, slimy, gooey mess now. So won't be tempted.......I very nearly bought a breakfast bun at Macs then recalled the bloody awful egg bit on top. They are revolting but cheap.
    Fast food makes me sick quick!

  3. MMMM. .I love KFC!! Macdonalds though, not so much!! I so wish we could have some of your rains. .Our drought here is SOOO severe that even mature trees around our farmstead (which is nearly 100 years old) are starting to die. .survival of the fittest now! Which, in itself is a little depressing. I have totally stopped any kind of planting now. .and won't start again unless it starts to rain again. .more than a few drops at a time!! Hope you dry out soon!!

  4. Too much rain and low light levels have weakened your resistance to KFC! I've never eaten it, so have nothing to crave, but when I'm tempted to a fabulous-looking shop-bought cake they often disappoint!

  5. Hey! Congrats on the news and love the pots. Looks great. Aaaand there is nothing wrong with a breakdown....and KFC is delicious at times. I broke down last week and ordered mash potatoes and coleslaw!!! Yum yum....and the chicken is delicious. In those moments of craving that taste, I say cave in:) Oh and send some of that rain over here:)

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