Friday, 2 November 2012

The Gardener Returns.....Briefly!

Sorry, but I haven't been around lately. The laptop had a virus, one of those trojan nasties, and the whole thing froze up. It's funny really, because we have two other computers systems, one in a spare bedroom upstairs, and one in the office at the end of the garden, but these don't offer the relaxed peace of mind needed to properly absorb others postings, or indeed write my own stuff. A purely personal thing. But here we are again, early in the morning, with a laptop running perfectly (thanks to my computer whizz brother Ian), but not a lot of time to write about anything as I am off to work in a minute, and then we are away to Polperro at lunchtime. Work this week has been rainy, windy, leafy, windy, rainy and leafy, and so not much to tell on that front. We are heading to Cornwall today because a close relative is taking over a church in a small village near Looe. Once a priest, he became a policeman, and is now once again going into ministry. The clip below is of him as a police officer. A lovely kind and gentle man.
There will be an 'official' church welcome on tomorrow, and so we thought 'why not' head to Polperro just around the corner for a couple of days. But I will tell you all about it on our return.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Hello Gary:
    An interesting career change and clearly not for the first time.

    We have many happy memories of time spent in Cornwall with friends who live near Penzance. It is such a lovely county and we do hope that you have a happy time over your short break.

  2. What an interesting man your relative is ! great clip , thanks for sharing,I like his boldness. take care~Gina

  3. Hope you had a great weekend!