Monday, 24 December 2012

The Messiah

 The last week has been challenging. Amandas mum Celia has been in hospital, and until tonight, Christmas Eve, we thought that she would be in for several more days yet. We have missed her a lot, and have found her vulnerability difficult, as she has been a mainstay in our lives. To say that the phonecall from the hospital to say that we could now bring her home was a blessing is an understatement. It's now 9pm, she is now sleeping soundly, and we shall bring her Christmas in the morning.
On Saturday evening we went to a performance of Handel's 'Messiah'. The choir are of particular interest to us both, as we hope to take up the challenge and join them in the new year, but for now we just enjoyed this incredible oratorio, written by one of the greatest composers. I don't like to take photographs during such performances, and so the picture below was taken just as they were all coming back to their positions after the intermission.
One of my favourite parts is this. Who cannot be moved by such music, but more importantly words?
We went back to the church for the communion service the following morning. A very 'high end' anglican service complete with bells and smells. The air was thick with frankincense, the sermon strong.
Today, as yet unaware of Celia being able to come home, we prepared for the big day. Daughter Claire and her family are coming for lunch and the whole afternoon. We are vegetarians, for moral reasons (the sight of a venison loin or well cooked pork still makes the mouth water!), and as such I started to prepare the onion tart. We shall have a very full roast dinner, but with this instead of meat, and of course lots of rich onion and red wine gravy. It was still early and I needed more caffeine to keep me going than was probably sensible, but what the heck, this body is a temple and it had already been fed copious amounts ofrich food and ale the night before.
For all of my blogger friends, may tomorrow be a peaceful and heartwarming day for you. Whatever faith or belief you have, I pray that it will be a good day for you all. Thank you for all of your contact over the last year, it has been fun. A bavarian tradition in my family is to give what is known as a 'friendship candle' to those we wish good things to, so that when it is lit they can remember you also. Here is mine to you. See you all in a day or so.


  1. Good news regarding Amanda's mom. Truly a Christmas gift. I hope she continues to do better.
    You are certainly celebrating in good fashion. Love the candle tradition.
    May you and yours be well and enjoy!
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Have a great'll need a holiday after the holiday.

  3. Accepting your vulnerability is a hard one.
    Beautifully written
    Happy boxing day