Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Work is slowing, and the fun is beginning!

Only seven working days to go until we officially stop for our winter break. Talk is of Christmas trees, presents, mulled wine and roast potatoes! Life is a little 'all over the place' at the moment, because there is of course a work schedule remaining to get through, presents to buy (and a tree!), things to gather from the forest, a mother-in-law who will be in hospital over the whole Christmas period, an antique Italian glass to try and get back from the grubby clutches of the UK customs, the house to decorate, accounts to prepare for January, chocolate to eat and whisky to drink....what IS a bloke to do?
Grass has stopped growing at last, hedges too. Thanks to our recent rough storms all the leaves are now out of the trees, which makes a change from the last few years where we were still clearing them in January the next year! This has left just some basic tidying up and pruning to do in the run up to Christmas, which is much more appropriate when it comes to getting some festive karma to settle. We have made lists, many of them, but today we actually became 'Christmassy' and did something about a little on our agenda. Only a half day's work today, but as Amanda had something important to prepare for later in the day, we played in the morning, and I worked in the afternoon. We are off to Wales at the weekend to stay for a few days with Amandas uncle Pastor Pete, and so gifts needed to be purchased for that side of the family in readiness for the big day on the 25th.

We did better than expected, and actually managed to find enough to 'tick off' some other people on the list. It's very tempting when looking through the goods on sale, not to pick up extra pressies for oneself, but I couldn't resist this book called 'Grow Your Own Drugs' by James Wong...well, you've got to haven't you? Mostly medicinal mind you....I think. Then of course we went our separate ways, and for me work beckoned. There were the last of the last leaves to clear, some moss to treat, advice about planting for another customer, and then home, change, grab wife, and off to watch the sunset at The Square & Compass pub at Worth Matravers. It was quite a visit, as beforehand we helped a couple of ladies to get their car out of a ditch, one of which works behind the bar at The Porterhouse pub, and who both we met again at 'The Square' that afternoon. A small world eh?

 The village was as tranquil and lovely as ever, with it's pond playing host to the resident ducks.

As nobody was around, we paid a visit to the small church.

And reflected quietly on issues both being faced, and those to come. But the pub beckoned, along with it's excellent ales, views and company.

And all too soon the sun was settling rapidly and temperatures began to drop.

The walk back to the van took us past some fields that caught our eye. The sheen that you can see is the reflection of the setting sun off myriad cobwebs, as far as one could see. Fields and fields appeared the same, and reminded us that even in this cold weather, life goes on under our feet. Every inch covered by a spiders web!

It had been a long, busy, but ultimately fulfilling day.........I think that Hobie feels the same!



  1. Certainly sounds like an enjoyable, productive and relaxing day. Such an diverse list for your holiday season. All the best to you and your family. Enjoy all the goodness.

  2. Gary,

    I will have to admit to a little selective reading (much like selective hearing) of your latest post. My reading of your first paragraph is much like “…. mulled wine and roast potatoes …. chocolate to eat and whisky to drink …. I’m sorry what were saying? (lol). Then I read you want me to grow my own drugs ??? (lol).

    All jokes aside it sounds as if you guys are well on your way to being ready for the Holidays. I am saddened to hear that A’s mother will be in the hospital over Christmas. While any stay in the hospital I deem as serious, I hope it is not a greatly serious reason for her stay.

    I still think you should publish a compilation of your photographs of church interiors. You have such a great eye for capturing the best shots. I am most taken by the shot of the window with the stained glass medallions, and the way you caught the muted colors on the wall, beautiful. And all I can say about The Square & Compass is, it looks as though a good time was being had by “all”.

    And finally it looks as though Hobie has the idea on how to enjoy the forth coming Holiday season. Best to you all. – gary

  3. It looks a bit warmer with you.
    Love the church interior and the pub.
    Not so keen on the shops but not every day can be perfect.

  4. This close to Christmas we are still going fifty directions at once, so no time for relaxing. But I just stocked the bar with a very fine single malt that has my name all over it.

  5. Exciting, fast times you are having. that stained glass church shot is beautiful. Nice post!

  6. With so much to do over the holidays it's wonderful that you take time to stop to enjoy the sunset. Sounds like you're living life to the fullest!

    As a fan of your blog I'm sending you some blogger love and nominating you for a Liebster Award! To accept you have to list 11 random facts about yourself and nominate 11 other bloggers you like (who have 200 followers or less.) It is no problem if you don't wish to accept, just know that I think your blog is amazing :)