Tuesday, 29 January 2013

St. Nicholas in Studland

You have probably guessed by now that one of our favourite places to relax is over at Studland and Shell bay. Studland itself is quite pleasant, and parts are rather old. As usual, before we set of anywhere around here, a quick visit to The Bankes Arms for a pint of their finest.
We couldn't do anything too physical because of Amandas broken arm, and so we strolled around the corner to the village church, St. Nicholas. A Romanesque Norman church, a thousand years old and still used today, it stands an the site of the original saxon church, and beneath it's floor have been found items from the Romans and bronze age from a thousand years before. Two thousand years....wow, now that is some history!
There had been a wedding the day before, and pink gerberas adorned the front entrance.

It felt safe, it felt and smelled old, and it was so peaceful in there.

Cords disappear into the roof to operate the four bells.

Old vases are stored in the upstairs window.
Although the wind was howling outside, not a sound could be heard inside except for our lulled conversation. We climbed the old wooden stairs to the gallery to view it all from up on high.

Everything was built solidly, with the future in mind.

And the future has found it, and is using it.

Indeed He will!
Take care all, some gardening stuff to follow.


  1. Hello Gary:
    What a very lovely church and, like so many in the British Isles, steeped in history. The calm and peace to be found in such places is so very reassuring.

  2. Mark and I loved visiting cathedrals in Spain and in the rest of Europe as well. They were always peaceful.

    It looks like you and Amanda are doing well under the circumstances and that is good.

    Enjoy each day ~ FlowerLady

  3. You have a good eye when it comes to photography

  4. Love the golden glow in your photos and all that gorgeous old, weathered stone.

  5. A gem of a church. I am not a believer but so many ecclesiastical buildings have the power to calm the soul.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful glimpse of this old church. Man those are thick walls! How sweet to have the wedding flowers still on display. Do hope Amanda is healing well.