Monday, 5 August 2013


It was while away on holiday that we did what we usually do, and visit the occasional quirky secondhand book shop. I had been keeping my eyes open for a copy of 'Castaway' by Lucy Irvine, but only came across another book by the same title. That one is about a rather badly mixed group of Brits thrown together by the BBC, and put on an island off the British coast.
I did stumble across the book I was after in a village tea shop, that also sold antiques as it happens, and even picked up a first edition of R.L.Srevensons 'Essays of Travel'. 'Castaway', a tale of two people put on a desert island for a year. They didn't know each other beforehand, and the story tells the tale of their experiences through the author's eyes.
If I won the lottery, there are many things that I would like to do with the money. The first would be to go away for a few weeks to get my head around the changes I now faced. Then there would of course be a house, Aston Martin DBS, houses for the kids etc. The main thing that I would use the money for however would be a lifestyle change. A desert island of my own that we could escape to when the desire came. A simple life of basic shelter, barbecue cooking whatever we were able to catch or pick, books to read and drawing stuff.
What would be the one main thing you would spend £20,000,000 on?


  1. Lucy Irvine's dad used to own the Summer Isles hotel and the Hydropnica. I liked the book but it was not well written and the Hydroponica is now shut.

  2. I think we all have those "if I won the lottery" conversations. I find when faced with the million pounds most people have the cars/houses/kids list but once you get massive euro million win styie most people are talking about donations/charities etc which is heart warming.

    I myself have never met a lottery winner or been one (mores the pity) so I only have conversations and no reality to actually refer to lol!!

  3. Buying the field outside my Dad's house so that no-one could build a house on it, then giving a lot of money to cancer research charities, then setting aside some money for our children, but still making them work for a living!