Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

The whole of the south coast of England is being hit by vicious storms for the last few days. Even as I write this, the house abd garden are being hammered by stormy winds and torrents of hail stones. We awoke to a section of soffit missing, our neighbours felt roof in our garden, and most of our own large stone pots blown over. The rain last night was so heavy that it found a gap in the kitchen window sealant, and we subsequently had a rather attractive waterfall cascading vertically into the sink. Luckily, we weren't in the mood to do much about it, even if we could, as Becks and Matt came over for dinner, and so the evening was instead filled with food, drink, and good company.
Yep, we are ready for Christmas. All presents are wrapped (except I think for some of mine from Amanda, as I am temporarily banished from the bedroom). I am tending the dinner for when Claire, Dom and the grandkids come over later, putiing the finishing touches to some earlier baking, and doing this with another cup of tea, my fourth. Let me take you on a little tour of some bits in the house.
Come on in.............
Lots of candles burning all of the time.
Final adjustments are made.

And the extra food and drink found a home.

You know me, glass everywhere.

And you know Amanda....teacups everywhere!

The tree takes centre stage as always.
My simple message to all of you out there in blogland.

For so many, it's not about any sort of holiday.

No, You are never going up there!

Hobie after his breakfast. Wishing you all well.
Misty doing the same.

And me, well I'm all done now,  and having a small bite to eat before the wonderful mayhem that are grandchildren starts.

I truly do wish all of you out there a blessed and peaceful Christmas. Whether you have a faith or not, may it bring contentment to you.
See you in a couple of days.


  1. The very best of the season to you all. Adrian.

  2. May you and Amanda have a lovely Christmas with family and a fantastic 2014.

    Thanks for the sweet glimpses into your decorated home.

    I hope the nasty weather lets up soon and you have no more 'waterfalls'.


  3. Lovely !
    Sounds like great family time.

    Merry Merry Christmas
    cheers, parsnip

  4. A very Merry Christmas to you and all your family members (2 and 4 legged). Your home looks very welcoming and comfortable.

  5. Even with the weather outside, all is looking toasty warm and most inviting inside. Wishing you an A the most glorious Christmas Season and all hopes for the best in the coming year.