Friday, 14 February 2014

I Want A Holiday In The Sun

Yep, I do, I really do. I have had enough of these storms now, enough is enough. I was in the shop last night, and in the row of newspapers on display was one one with a satellite photo of the Atlantic Ocean to the left, and little old Britain to the right, and heading across to us are three more huge circular storms, aptly 'media' titled 'Killer Storm 1', 'Killer Storm 2' and 'Killer Storm 3'. Reassuring isn't it? I guess it's just another phase in this world paying the price for ignoring global warming.
Gardening? What's that? There isn't much of it going on at the moment. Other gardening companies in the area are struggling big time, and I don't know how those not in contract work are surviving at all, as they get paid per day. As long as I manage to get the agreed number of visits in a month, I do at least get the assurance of regular monthly payment. It's one of the benefits of taking on this type of gardening work. Everything can work out alright as long as places remain tidy at least, and thank heavens it's February, and not June!

There have been some windows of opportunity to get some work done, but one in particular had us all breathing a sigh of relief at the end of the day. The job was a thrice yearly garden tidy up. It had already been postponed once due to bad weather, and so the customer was informed that I would be coming on the re-arranged day regardless of weather. They were going to be away for the day, and had left the keys to the house for us to use, as access to the back garden, and then the side gates for unlocking must be made this way. They also have two rather special little pet dogs, who on no account must be allowed into the front drive, as they are likely to make a run for it.
Daughter Rebecca was lending a hand, and the two of us arrived, unlocked the front door, and were met with the usual frantic yapping and barking always associated with the two little ankle biters. All doors were locked behind us, and we continued into the back garden and spent the next few hours clearing things. The dogs have a dogflap in the back door, and although they can come and go as they please into the back, they were put off by the machinery noise. All things were tidied up and put in the van, but on going back inside to make the property secure, there was no sign of the dogs. We both looked high and low, called to them, whistled, but no sign, and more oddly no yapping. I physically paled with panic, assuming they had somehow slipped past us, and we left to go and collect Amanda before going home. As I drove, I thought about just how I was going to tell the owners that I had lost their little fellows. Amanda suggested we all go back and have just one last look, but I explained that if they weren't in the one room they had access to, then they were gone, but we checked again, you do don't you? Still no sound, but I did spy a tiny gap under one of the kitchen sofas, and so lay on my belly and peered into the darkness underneath. There the little buggers were, cowering and shivering in the blackness below, silent, so unlike them. I think we must have really scared them, so I guess we are even now.

As you can see, the Avon Causeway is still flooded, it has been for weeks now, and it's getting steadily deeper day by day, and so I will have to find another route. The world leaders are going to have to act on global warming NOW, and not in the coming months or years.
It's Friday today, and pouring with rain, and a howling wind causing more chaos, and so at least the tree surgeons will be kept busy. For now though, nothing much to tell you about work, but I expect that will change when things dry up at some point. We are both off to Winchester for the weekend, and leave in the morning. Apparently the Round Table is there, we shall see.
For now though, be careful, and I hope the weather is better where you are (except I doubt it is where you are John)


  1. It sounds awful. I expect it is the same system that has given us an incredible amount of snow. However it has now stopped for over a week. Since weather patterns go from West to East, perhaps it means it will ease off for you too! I certainly hope so.

  2. I feel your misery as Oregon has very similar weather and we are expecting high winds and flooding for the weekend. Here is hoping you find a nice dry place to forget what is going on outside, have a great weekend.

  3. Hey Gary those water features look great to me. A few Carp and the job is finished.

  4. Your weather sounds miserable. I'm so glad those little yappers were found hiding under the sofa. What a RELIEF for you.

    We are having perfectly beautiful weather here today. Of course, I'm indoors at work. :-) Yesterday was gray, very windy as it grew colder as the day got later. It was in the 40's when I got up around 6 this morning.

    Hope you have a change of weather soon and hope you and Amanda are having a nice Valentine's Day.


  5. Photos we see of your weather are really quite alarming. Yes the fools we have in politics are not going to get it in time. They are getting too much money from the big fat cats.

  6. I just want the sun! That's all

  7. You have quite the weather woes. Too much, too much. Glad the dogs were safe and that you got even. Ha! Our snow is melting rapidly as we've been up to the 50s for a handful of days. At least it's wet. I'd still take some of your rain.