Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Chill In The Air

It's 8am on Tuesday, once again the van is in the garage,  as there is a problem with the fuel injection now. We could probably have lived with it, but we are off to our retreat in St. Davids in a coup,le of weeks and don't want to risk a break down, particularly now that Amanda has to drive. The lanes there are long and single track.

 Hamamaelis mollis leaves

We should get the van back for the afternoon, which is just as well as there are two houses in Sandbanks to attend to, and one of them being the pots for the new customer. I'm sat in the lounge, it's been raining, but the sun is now breaking through and steam is rising from the garden. It promises to be a good day one way or another. Hobie is asleep at my feet, and Misty has taken up her daytime position on Celias bed. Amanda has been rough with a bad cough the last four days, and so I am letting her have a lie in.

Acer palmatum atropurpureum

Even though we didn't have the van yesterday, we got by. After dropping some machinery off at a couple of places for us two to work at, son-in-law Dom met us at the garage, we loaded more tools, machinery and ourselves into his hatchback, and set off for work. We were left at our places, and he kindly headed off on his own and looked after three others for us. We got the days work done, There is however a lift engine room at one of the places full of a mower, blower and tools etc, and our patio is displaying an array of some of the remainder that Dom dropped off, but all will be well again when we get the van back.

The patio this morning

How did we all cope before the age of vehicles and mobile phone eh?

Houttuynia cordata

The air outside is getting distinctly cooler, and leaves have started to fall. Horse Chestnut trees have nearly dropped all of there leaves already, sadly due to the disease Bleeding Canker. But autumn is definitely upon us. It's a wonderful time of year, when plants of all shapes and sizes breathe a sigh of relief, and start to shut down for their winter rest. It's a time of requests for garden designs and alterations, pruning, final hedge cuts. A time of change and reflection for ourselves maybe. I find autumn a wonderful time to think while working in a garden.

Hydrangea paniculata Grandiflora

This corner of the garden is a mess at the moment, as we have a new big shed arriving. It's not going here, chickens are (but that's another story). The new shed is going where the old motorbike shed was, but to enable that, a whole series of changes must happen. It's like that inside AND outside our house. For now though, the Photinia hedge has been removed to expose the old fence, which is being moved back about two feet. Next, an enclosed kayak storage rack is being constructed at the end of 'The Shack', and all should then be ready for the chuck pen.

A mess

Once up, the new shed will house three large freezers for our allotment and foraging stuff, camping gear, and the washing machine. 'The Shack' is to become a pilates and art studio. So much to get done first though. Why the washing machine? Like I said, a series of events to enable change, and the kitchen is also being altered. Only place not to be involved in all of this is the loft, for once. The old motorbike shed is to become a fence. Life here is kind of like that.

Nerine bowdenii

The EEG on my head went well. All appeared fine to the examiner, and she confirmed that as long as the MRI doesn't show up any growths or such, then I shall join the ranks of old men who have had a 'funny turn' with a bit of luck.

Acer palmatum 'Senkaki'

It is nice just sitting here. The sun is now shining, Hobie hasn't moved. Amanda has come down and shared in a cup of tea. There's Classic FM playing on the radio. Sometimes posting on here can seem urgent, and with a specific task in mind. Other times, such as this, it's very calming to just put down what comes to mind.

Hobie ruining the Coreopsis verticillata 'Zagreb'

I have read various blog posts from others people, in which they ask why we have a blog in the first place. Some 'non bloggers' accuse us of being lonely, self indulgent, narcissistic or opinionated to name just a few. I just see it as a kind of diary, and a way to perhaps focus and reflect on some matters that are of importance to us in some way. I personally find it a good way to re-focus on things that influence me at times, but have taken a back seat because of lifes mayhem. It's also helpful to gather that mayhem together through my blog at times, and put it in some sort of nice orderly fashion.
I find taking photographs for it calming, and shall be taking my camera along to the new pot planting job this afternoon. Sometimes a post that I write is pleasing to me, and at other times they can be not so good, but either way 'A Day In The Life' closely reflects those things that matter to me at various times, whether good or bad.

Schizostylis coccinea 

It's now 9.15am, and I am hoping for a phone call from the garage shortly, and so I suppose I had better put the kettle back on.

Physalis peruviana

I hope you have liked the photos. I took them this morning, and they show some of the autumn colour still in our garden. Almost the entire house is cloaked in Parthenocissus tricuspidata, which is now deep red, but in another month the house will look bare, and the ivy will be asleep.
Classic FM is now playing Allegri - Miserere mei, so beautiful, listen if you get the chance

Time to leave, and get some of these plants ready for those pots. Thanks for dropping by and listening. Take care all of you


  1. You are blessed with cooler temps, lovely fall colors, getting your van back, and your EEG came back normal. YAY!

    I do hope Amanda is feeling better with each new day.

    Have a great week. You've sure got a LOT of projects going on and that's a good thing too.


    1. Good morning Lorraine,
      It's a wonderful time of year, and some nice gardening work scheduled as well. It kind of balances out the tough stuff.

  2. I can totally identify with your reflections about "why blog"....For me, it is ALL of those things - at various times. And in the end, I suppose, it is not about why or what OTHER people do.

    Your photos are lovely, capturing a few colors and shapes of my favorite season.

    The news re. your EEG is SO wonderful! I can only imagine your relief/happiness.

    1. Hello Rebecca,
      Thanks for your kind words. Whatever our reasons for writing our blogs, I get a lot of enjoyment out of doing it, and reading other peoples.

  3. You may be cooler but you still have lots of blooms left. You are certainly under a challenge when the vehicle is laid up.

    1. Hi Red,
      The van is being a pain in the backside this year. The problem is still there, so it looks like the fuel injectors are coming out next.

  4. You dropped the " head" news in the middle of the text
    I am so happy
    Well done
    Well at least you will be about to come to our wedding bash
    Open invitation
    20th June

    1. You were made to be a 'Sam' John, and thanks. As for the invitation, count us in....can't wait!

  5. after your good news and reflecting on my own reasons for blogging and then the wedding invitation just up there i have a wee tear in my eye!
    self indulgent narcissists, my foot

    1. Good morning Kylie,
      We bloggers do what we do for our own reasons. What are your reasons for blogging?

  6. The fall colors are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Always a project somewhere. I can relate to your messy areas as you make improvements. Glad to hear there are no new issues concerning your health. Who knows really what conditions all came together just right to give you all such a scare. Here's to you getting the van and enjoying your trip!!! Why blog? Because life is better shared. Be well!!!

    1. Hello Sherlock,
      'Life is better shared'. What a good way to put it.....indeed!

  7. Thanks Melanie, and you too.