Thursday, 13 November 2014


There are a lot of fir cones down at this time of year, and it's surprising how much damage a month of mowing can do to machinery. I forgot to change the mower blade, and after a noise like a rifle shot, noticed that the mower wasn't picking up any grass, but leaving it in messy heaps.

One of the fins that create a powerful air flow had worn so much, that it flew off. Glad that I have a mower with a steel body, or it would have been shrapnel in the leg. Luckily, I always carry a spare mower and a couple of blades, and managed a repair in situ.

Oh yes, there are a lot of cones down at the moment.....and leaves. The inside of the van is somewhat permanently humid with the dampness, and full of snails and spiders. Amanda is really enjoying it....not. She pulled the sun visor down as she was driving the other day, to be met with a gigantic spider nesting behind it. The sun visor went back up quickly.

We are about to set off to Christchurch in a while. It's another dull day, and a slow and not too eager start. I expect a coffee at the nearby garden centre will come first, and maybe breakfast.

Hobie is just sat staring out of the window. A 'sleep' day for him looks on the agenda, as it's far too cold out there to get anything real done.

Hope the sun is shining where you are.



  1. Goodness, even your dull days are lovely.
    Hobie idea of nap sounds very good.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Parsnip, Hobie is responsible for many an hour lost and wasted on the sofa. Once he settles on a lap, that person isn't going anywhere.

  2. The sun is shinning but it is so cold. I need to replace my blade for next spring. I don't sharpen them as I should so it is time for a new blade.

    1. L.D. Nothing much more dangerous on a mower than a worn blade. It's windy and wet here in Bournemouth at the mo.

  3. I'm rather careless about my lawn mowers. Your experience sends a message, although I won't be mowing anything for another 5 months.

  4. Good morning Red,
    It must be lovely to be able to put the tools away for that long!

  5. Do you really have snails in the van? I'm with Amanda about the spiders. At least snails move slow.
    No sun here today. In fact a winter storm is heading in and the word is we'll have snow by morning.