Sunday, 28 December 2014

Having Ourselves A Very Turkey Christmas

Wow, 400th post, I can't believe how time has passed.

Christmas came and went far too quickly this year. Our preparations started with some beachcombing for some shells and driftwood.

A wonderfully cold and windy day, during which we dropped off some Christmas cards to customers, before bracing ourselves for the beach at Barton-on-Sea.

Another day saw us collecting the stiff stems of dead bracken, as the crib that I'm making needs a better roof.

We had bought a rather large turkey, as the whole family were coming over for Christmas Day. It was a nineteen pounder, and being too large for the oven had to have a couple of 'modifications' made to either end before it would fit.

The tree was up and prepared for the big day.

And at 6am the bird was in the oven. Hobie and Misty were immediately on the scene as usual, but it was to be a while before it was cooked. 

The table was made up, and we were running out of time, as everyone was arriving at 8.30am. We were having tea, coffee and home made stollen before heading to church for the Christmas Day service.

We returned to find Hobie ready and waiting

And seemingly eager to get the bird out of the oven.

Finally, we all sat down to the meal, where there was laughter, good conversation, and groans at the cracker jokes.

Then there was the pudding, the flame not quite being the towering inferno that I had hoped to have the grand kids spellbound with. It was more of an eerie blue glow. That's cheap brandy for you.

Present opening followed, and the floor in the lounge became a sea of wrapping paper, quite a sight to behold. But all good things come to an end, and by the end of the day everyone had to go their serparate ways, leaving tired and 'Christmassed' out.

It had been a really lovely day, and one that I won't forget.

That was three days ago now, and we still had turkey leftover, and so last night we made the remainder into a Delia Smith 'English Colonial Curry'. There was enough for eight more servings, and so we stuffed it into containers for the freezer. No more turkey for now please.

We have a dear friend over tonight. Someone we have known from way on back in our baptist church days. Really looking forward to it as we haven't hooked up for a couple of months, he's a hoot!

It's been interesting catching up with all of your festive frivolities......take care.


  1. What a lovely Christmas you had! The tree was beautiful, the table setting lovely. I just googled that curry recipe and it sounds delicious! I've got left over turkey from Thanksgiving in the freezer, maybe I'll make a curry with it.

    May you all have a wonderful 2015.


    1. Hello Lorraine,
      I hope you had a peaceful Christmas. Delias curry recipe is ok, very basic and a little retro in flavour. I gave ours a boost on the curry flavour and sultanas.

  2. Yes, lots of good food and family makes for a good christmas. It's also interesting to see your traditions.f eating at noon and morning church service. I know the feeling of left over turkey getting more than boring.

    1. Good evening Red,
      Unfortunately church isn't something most adhere to over here. I find it helps to focus on things. As for turkey, I do enjoy it, but only once a year haha.

  3. You seem to have had a beautiful Christmas. All the best for 2015.

    1. Alain, it was really great thanks, and so nice to get all of the family to be able to make it. I trust you had a good one?

  4. What a lovely day out and about.
    Your Christmas Tree looks beautiful.
    Love the kitty kitchen help, plus ready for dinner.
    I hope they received a small taste of the turkey.
    Our Christmas was so different will be posting on this later.
    Happy New Year !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Hi Parsnip,
    Hobie does like to think that he is being of some help in the kitchen. Looking forward to reading about your Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you and yours as well!

  6. I love this post, Gary. So cozy and colorful and love-filled. Your tree and table are gorgeous too. Are those place cards at each place-setting or Christmas cards or [something else]? How sweet it all is. The little girl in the table photo is adorable too. The look on her face! Precious. ♥

    And Cornus is new to me. What a pretty plant--the colors.

    I hope 2015 is great to you.

    1. Hello Val,
      You're very kind. The cards had a task for each person to complete for my up and coming birthday. As for the gorgeous little one, that's grand daughter Ella,a true stunner isn't she.

  7. Sounds like a fabulous Christmas! That's a lot of turkey for any family. Ha! We had roast beef. We've also had 5 family Christmas gatherings and two work Christmas parties as well as work department gatherings. We have been Christmased! All wonderful. Happy New Year!

    1. Good morning Sherlock,
      It was a wonderful Christmas. Wow, you've had a lot of get together's, I bet you are tired out by now.

  8. It all looks delightful, Gary, I'm glad you had such a lovely time. Himself put so much (good!) brandy on our pud that I thought the flames might crack the plate!
    I've put our turkey remnants in the freezer for now but shall look up Delia's recipe - a curry will be just the thing sometime next week!

    1. Hello Rosemary,
      I've certainly learnt my lesson with the brandy. As for Delia's curry, it tastes a little retro, like the old Vesta curries.

  9. Omg we have a100 piece dinner service in the same green and white of that tureen
    Hey ho
    If I don't get the chance
    Happy new year to you

  10. 100 pieces?! That must be a complete set John. This particular tureen was one of the first that we bought together, many years ago. Unfortunatel (or fortunately perhaps), Amanda has picked up many ornate old tureens over the years, and we now have a rather large selection. It's nice to serve things up in them though isn't it? A time gone by restored. I hope you and Chris have a wonderful New Year, and hope the wedding celebration invitation is still on.