Thursday, 11 December 2014

Nearly There

Having planted up the planters at the new place in Canford Cliffs, the owner was very happy, and some more work has come our way as a result. He too would like us to put ornamental pebbles over a rear border of his, as he liked the job we made of his parents house. Normally, with Christmas so close, all new work goes over to the New Year, but in all our eagerness and wisdom, we decided to commit to doing it before the Christmas break. I wish we hadn't now, as the cold and wet weather has battered us somewhat.

It's dark outside at this early point in the morning, and a phone call can come at any point today to say that the twelve tons of ornamental pebbles are on the lorry, and on their way. It's also raining....and cold......and windy. Luckily, we only have to meet him on site to supervise the off loading, as they have to be lifted over a very tall, very white wall, and deposited on a black granite drive. The job is lined up for tomorrow, which was going to be a day off. Amanda will continue to prepare for Christmas, while I, along with the sons-in-law and Bex will get the job done. They also have to be barrowed over a large area of white Ash decking, and so nothing that the wheelbarrow touches can be marked in ANY way. I do wish we had waited until after the New Year. All this on top of a heavy day to come.......make me a mulled wine someone!


  1. Gary, sounds like fun. It sounds like a job for a big crane with enough reach to put the cobbles in situ. Take care whilst you service the desires of folk with money to throw about.

    1. I did indeed need a crane Adrian. Now all is ready and waiting for tomorrow morning.

  2. Nothing like something to mess up your plans. I can see why you got this job. It's challenging.

  3. Thanks Red. I know it's extra money, but we really to shut down physically by this point in the year.

  4. It must be irritating gary, coping wish out days of work?
    Anyhow I hate mulled wine
    But I will raise a glass for you and your lovely Mrs

  5. Cheers John. The job actually turned out to be good fun, and we had an email from the owner saying it looked stunning....yey!

  6. Well, sounds like you made it happen! Yea!!!!