Friday, 5 June 2015

A Garden In Bath

I was going to make the title of this post 'The Gardens Of Bath', but for our short break away, we stayed at a rather beautiful house, with a particular garden of it's own, and so the rest can wait for a few days.

Bloomfield House is set on a hill overlooking the city, and is owned and run by Robert and Karen. A wonderful place to relax, it oozes romance both inside and out. Being a gardener, I couldn't resist strolling around the garden a couple of times.

I thought that the lady below was particularly beautiful, and the stone was incredibly smooth to the touch. She welcomes visitors as they approach the front door.

Plenty of time was spent reading in our room. Einaudi was playing, as the large beech tree outside the window was shuddering in the wind outside. 


I had chosen 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven', by Mitch Albom. A thought provoking read.

A large round inlaid table, with evidence of planting going on somewhere!

I think that Karen had been busy.

A peaceful and cool place to sit and read.

She looks as though she is hiding from someone.

Maybe him?

An ornate stone urn almost hidden from view behind a Ceanothus.

My favourite part of the garden, just by the entrance steps.

Any regrets? Just two. Firstly, we didn't have anywhere near enough time here. Secondly, we didn't get the chance to spend longer talking with Robert and Karen. A very interesting couple indeed!


  1. It does appear to be a wonderful place to stay. There are so many historic things in the garden and the building itself is great to see. It does look relaxing.

    1. I often find that with age and interest in a building comes peace of mind.

  2. Looks a grand spot.
    Did you finish the book?
    I found it aimed to please American bible thumpers; the same people that think killing in retribution for a crime is fine.
    I never finished it and sent it to the charity shop.
    Were there no insects?

    1. Not sure about who it might have been aimed at Adrian. Perhaps if they understood the book they wouldn't feel like carrying out such retribution. I did finish it very quickly. Not a classic, but an interesting read nonetheless.

  3. What a bloody lovely house and garden

    1. It was perfect John. You and Chris should go there someday.

  4. The hosts make the bed and breakfast what it is. they can make it or break it.

    1. Indeed they do Red. The hosts here have a particular gift at making one feel comfortable.

  5. Gary,
    Sheer enchantment !!! How lucky you guys are to have such marvelous places to visit and stay. On your next time away, take me, take me. – G

  6. Hi Gary
    We are very lucky to live so near to such places. If you ever visit the UK, a trip to Bath is a must.