Monday, 22 June 2015

A Rainy Monday Morning

It's just typical. Next weekend is booked out to a large garden clearance and re-planting, and so we have had to find a day and a half during this week to travel around the country sourcing the appropriate plants. It meant that an already busy weeks schedule had to be crammed together some more, but we had it all looking good on paper. That is until we awoke this morning to heavy rain......sigh!

Not to waste the enforced time at home, I prepared some of our allotment fruit and veg for the freezer. Redcurrants, Kohl Rabi, Tree Spinach and some strawberries that just couldn't find room in our already stuffed stomachs. These don't freeze well whole, and so I just mash them a little first, and use them for flavouring and texture to something like a cheesecake. The tree spinach, Chenopodium giganteum, originally from Mexico, can be either cooked like common spinach by steaming or fried in a little butter, or used in a salad. It has a lovely texture when chewed and has a nice and mild taste. I don't know why our insipid lettuce isn't replaced by this nutritious and fast growing crop.

Tree Spinach

We had a good day at the Wimborne Folk Festival the other day. There was good beer, good food, good music, and unusual dancing. We started early on with some good strong coffee and a couple of chairs by the banjo band.

And ended with some border morris dancers. By this time the beer had been flowing well for everyone.

Saturday, and another early morning. This time to meet eldest daughter and grandkids in Bournemouth for breakfast and a beach walk. It was nice to sit there, a cool morning breeze on an otherwise warm day, being entertained by Joshua and Ella as we both chatted. It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly these two are growing up.

It had been a nice morning. Breakfast in a little french cafe, a stroll through the lower gardens, a sit on the sand........and on our return to the car park, who needs a 'Hall of Mirrors'?

It's midday......and still raining.


  1. If you have a lot of stuff to freeze then a secondhand blast freezer is ideal. They are quite expensive but do an excellent job on soft fruits. You could maybe offer a freezing service. The one I used meant you had to put stuff on a tray and then mist it with water. It took about four trays at a time and froze them to -20C in a couple of hours or so. Stuff still defrosts a bit mushy but is recognisable as a raspberry or whatever. Beans, peas and shredded cabbage come out as good as new.

  2. Not familiar with those Adrian, but it sounds just the job and will look out for a second hand one. Thanks.

  3. The beach photo made me smile reminded me of me and my sister

  4. People who work outdoors have to live by the weather. I was raised on a farm so am familiar with the control by weather.

  5. Well, you certainly continue to pack a lot in. Good to get that family time. Our rain has let up. Just send it our way!

  6. Hi Sherlock
    We appear to be having a bit of a hot and dry spell now.