Monday, 20 July 2015


It would appear that my whole Google account was hacked by somebody in a remote town somewhere in Russia. As a result I lost my blog for a while, about 90 clips of whatever dodgy content that I can't now see were posted in my name, and so Youtube has been suspended, and so on, and so on. Google is a worrying thing. At least I seem to have recovered my blog. Just as well, as we have just returned from a rather exciting short break away.

Hi Yael, nice to see you!


  1. Wow, how does something like that even happen? How did you find out where this person is and his name?

    Glad you've got your blog back, and I hope everything else will be restored to you soon.


  2. When I look at my stats on my blogs I see the world map that tells me who is checking in. I don't have a single Russian friend but there is so much color on Russian that I believe they are trying to get in on my accounts through the google account. Change passwords of anything you have on the net.

  3. Glad you're still there. Crazy stuff. Always be careful what you click on and change those passwords! Be well my friend.

  4. Hi Gary. I did not go any where.