Tuesday, 4 August 2015


It's very early in the morning, and we are both way too tired. It's been a couple of weeks of van breakdowns, new van purchasing, new contracts, van hiring, and much too much work.

All this was quashed though by the disappearance of Misty a few days ago. I know that cats can go for walkabouts, but our two ran like clockwork and were predictable to the core. We first knew something was up when Celia said she hadn't seen her, a story confirmed by the fact that food hadn't been eaten.....eating being Misty's favourite pastime next to sleeping. Another day passed, and with sad hearts we began to accept that she had either been run over in her roadside tomfoolery, or worse that one of the local traveller gangs had taken her for dog baiting and training, something very common here at the moment. I put a picture of her on our local community Facebook page, and was told that an RSPCA notice had been posted a couple of roads away, and sure enough the description matched our little lady, and so after many phone calls we tracked her down to a vets nearby, and went there yesterday evening, optimistically with a cat basket in hand, but expecting that she had been injured and would remain at the vets for a while.

We were so hopeful as we entered, and hurriedly explained who we were, but were met with concerned faces as we found out why she had been brought in. A seizure on the roadside apparently, and the vet had spent a day and a half with her trying to get any reaction out of her. Pain relief, steroids and vitamins all made no difference, and shortly before we arrived the decision had been made to put her to sleep. Hobie is howling a lot now. They have been together from birth some 16 years ago, and he used to lick his sisters head as she ate.
Going to miss the beautiful old girl......lots.


  1. Gary,
    I am greatly saddened by the news of your loss. Knowing your and Lady A’s fondness for both Misty and Hobie as well as having this little fur angle for 16 years, it makes the loss that much harder. I say a little prayer. – G

  2. Oh dear me, this is such sad news. My heart goes out to you and to Hobie too. Dear Misty will be waiting for all of you on the Rainbow Bridge. Right now she's frolicking with the rest of the pets in heaven. :-)

    Love, hugs and prayers for you and Amanda and Hobie too ~ FlowerLady

  3. Oh dear,
    I'm pleased that she lived a long life but losing a beloved animal is always the pits.

    Hugs to you all


  4. I'm sorry for your loss. These little creatures do more for us than we think.

  5. So sorry to read this news.
    Hugs to you all.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Oh no - that is so sad. Pets are like family.

  7. God bless Misty, sorry for your loss.

  8. I know how you feel and am so sorry!

  9. Oh, goodness, Gary, I'm so sorry. I missed this post until now. How heartbreaking. You'll be in my thoughts.