Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Little Help From Family

We had the family over for lunch a few days ago. It was that dreaded time of year when we needed to radically reduce the crowns of the Acacia trees in the garden. They are big, and so it was only to be the one next to the house on this occasion. It had become such a problem that during recent storms, the branches were sweeping across the house roof. It kept us both awake, and so dressed in nothing but my pyjamas, I braved the wind and rain to climb a ladder, armed with our trusty long arm pruners. It did the job, but the tree needed serious work.

There was a lot of stuff heading their way, as I cut away and dropped it all down for them to reduce it in size and load it all into the van.

Josh and Ella helped too, although I think Ella was having a little too much fun!

It was all done and dumped by lunchtime, whereupon we all enjoyed a hot lunch at the end of the garden, washed down with home made Blackberry wine. 

A very enjoyable day all in all.


  1. A job well done, deserves a good meal with a good drink and companionship.


  2. Hi Lorraine
    To be honest, the meal afterwards was the best bit.

  3. When there are such projects in the garden here I suddenly have no family.

  4. How great to have helpers. And the blackberry wine looks good!

  5. Big jobs like that are more fun with family and friends!