Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Lakeside Sculptures

In terms of leaf fall, it's been a brief and tough spell at work. Usually the clearing up continues into January, as oak trees tend to hold on to their leaves steadfastly. This year however, all will be down by the end of November (breathes a huge sigh of relief). We have cleared 48.3 tons of the wonderful things in all their myriad hues so far, not counting what we have managed to get into the few compost areas dotted about the various properties. We are ready for the winter break. 

We have every Monday off, and so yesterday was spent very restfully. Only about a half hour drive away is a secret little treasure that we have only recently discovered. 'Sculpture by the Lakes' is a wonderful collection of artwork, mostly bronze, all for sale, but exhibited in a beautiful and natural setting. 

'Search for Enlightenment'

'Le Banc des Pecheurs'

As well as glass, smooth bronze work is one of my favourite textures, and the pieces lent themselves so perfectly to their surroundings. 

'Tree Spirit'

It was bitterly cold out there, but the atmosphere was such that one could not rush. The sound of the fast running river was so settling.

'Whispering Spirit'

They had cleverly used particular planting to highlight various pieces and areas, choosing single varieties instead of mixed shrubs. Clumps of Phormium, Cornus, Eleagnus and Sambucus, each in a display of their own, and a fitting artwork in their own right.

The piece above wasn't one of my favourites, but it did seem to blend well in a strange sort of way.

'Willow Man'

An almost missed message, in small stainless steel letters, supported on fine wires under the surface.

Quite an extraordinary place, and it was a few hours later that we made our way home to a hearty roast dinner.


  1. Good morning Gary ~ Glad work has slacked off for you and Amanda now. What a wonderful place close to home to be able to visit at any time.

    I loved all of the peaceful reflections.

    My favorite sculptures: The crane, Take Time To Reflect, Love Builds Bridges Where There Are None, and the pair of swans.

    Amanda got a great shot of you contemplating by the rivers' edge too.

    Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hi Lorraine
      'Time to Reflect' was a favourite of ours, and I personally loved the look and idea of the message under the surface of the water.

  2. How lovely
    We used to go to the yorkshire sculpture park near wakefield every sunday when we lived n sheffield
    A lovely peaceful place ....how lucky you found something similar

    1. I have always preferred to see sculptures iin the open environment John. If we are ever oop north we shall pay a visit to Wakefield.

  3. It's easy to tell why you would spend a whole day at this place. Awesome sculpture.

    1. They were really quite something Red. Indeed awesome.

  4. Very peaceful indeed, a good way to spend the day

    1. Although cold, it was a place that stilled the soul Doc.

  5. I'd never heard of it either. But it is so near Moreton and we were there not long ago. Will definitely visit on our next trip to the area.