Thursday, 31 March 2016

Two Gardens

After a good nights sleep following the journey to Marrakech, we had breakfast, and then ventured outside the medina walls in search of a garden that had been on our bucket list for many years. 

The Jardin Majorelle is set amongst the busy streets just north of the medina, and it becomes instantly recognisable even from a distance by its long, high, and pink perimeter wall, overflowing at the top with bougainvillea and other vegetation. The wall is followed for some time, until a left turn takes one into a bustling side street, and the entrance, where a small courtyard and fountain bring some welcome shade and peace from the outside.

I'm not going to go on about the history of the place. If more information is wanted then the link is above, or better still, please do take a visit yourself at the first opportunity.

The garden is just about the most informal 'formal' that I have had the pleasure to be in.

The use of the famous 'Majorelle Blue' paint brings to life areas of the garden in a striking, and yet fitting way.

The sound of water, birds and frogs filled the warm air as we slowly drifted from one part to the next. We had been told that the walk around should take about 45 minutes.......yeah, right........we were there all day, and had a delightful lunch half way through. The walk could take 45 minutes if desired, but maybe we should all just slow right down and allow ourselves some rest from the world outside?

The garden is laid out very carefully to make best use of the space, and although views vary throughout, the entire design has a strong uniformity that holds the whole thing together perfectly.

The house does of course beckon one to venture into it's area, as it is wonderful......and blue!

I can only imagine what it must be like to have owned and lived in such a space.

One of my favourite 'perfections' in the entire garden was this simply planted pot. The yellow flower of the Aloe offering a living medium between the hard yellow, and the hard blue. Simplicity in itself.


And afterwards a short distance to 'Sky Bar', where we drank cocktails in the foot steps of The Rolling Stones and David Bowie, as we watched the sun slowly set over the city we were about to spend the week exploring. It was only after a very long walk back to the hotel that we used the swimming pool for the only time during our entire dip our feet in to cool off.


The second garden came about as rather a nice surprise to us, as we wandered through the souks.

'The Secret Garden' isn't immediately obvious, and had only been open for three days when we came upon it. The area and layout was discovered when detailed aerial photography of the city had been studied, and plans were drawn up for it's renovation.

Principally two gardens of different designs, it had been restored beautifully.

Although running water and fountains figured strongly in both, the two areas differed in planting quite considerably. Lush and exotic desert type plants in the first, and the second using grasses, olive, citrus and apple trees.

All the time the straight lines of water drew the eye along.

We lost ourselves in a little bit of heaven here, as on occasion we strolled together, and at other times found we were alone in our own thoughts at different parts.

I had a very interesting conversation about gardening, the dangers facing our world now, and food. I could have talked with him all day. A really lovely guy.

And a really lovely garden.!


  1. Wow, what a great trip you had! Both gardens are wonderful, the second reminds me of the Alhambra in Spain.

    Thank you for sharing ~ FlowerLady

    1. It is rather isn't it Lorraine.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for the tour. One day, I shall visit Marrakech and see it for myself.

    1. You won't be sorry with any of it Marianne.

  3. You're in Morocco! SO beautiful. I hope you'll post more photos! Did you see snake charmers in Marrakech?

    I was fortunate to visit there about 20 years ago. I fondly remember a little town called Chefchaouen. It had white walls with blue everywhere, similar to the blue in your photos. It looked like it was painted in ice cream.

    Love the rooftop photo!

    1. Snake charmers, teeth pullers, transvestite belly dancers and mesmerising singers.....and so much more that we are going back asap Sandie. Maybe see you there?

  4. A sunny busmans holiday
    Just what you need

    1. I nearly changed job locations John.

  5. I know the Majorelle well, and have probably visited mostly at this time of year, or a bit earlier. Oh to be there now!

  6. It was a perfect place and day Cro. Quite a place eh?