Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Reality Isn't So Bad

It feels like a lifetime ago that we were in Marrakech, enjoying the heady atmosphere of eating in Jemaa el Fna, or watching and talking with fellow gardeners.

Although not the type of climate as in Morocco, life as a gardener here in the UK is still pretty satisfying, if not usually easy.

Spring is just about upon us, and sometimes the weather is  good to us, and at another time not so.

On the good days we manage to do additional pruning and tidying.

And on the bad days we do the same.........but get wet.

You've gotta love the UK.


  1. We have a bit of the UK here in NE Indiana! What a spring so far...

  2. Cute videos of Amanda.

    You two are such hard workers.

    We could use some rain here, and it is predicted by the weekend. Time will tell.

    Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Spring is probably the same all over. Here it's been extremely windy and we haven't had our spring blizzard yet.

  4. The busy season is upon you, I pray you have a great year my friend.

  5. Perfect gardening weather here at the moment; a little rain at night, then warm sunshine during the day. It can't last!

  6. People have been gardening like crazy in Germany of late...springtime is upon us.

  7. Hey! Our weather looks just like the videos of Amanda today. More rain. I don't think I'll need to invest in the rain gear for gardening like you do though.