Sunday, 4 November 2018

Wonky Hedges and The Courts Garden

To help keep the horticultural juices flowing, we regularly take an official work trip to a well known garden, and recently it was The Courts Garden on the menu. Being autumn, there wasn't much in the way of flower colour, but the leaf colours were stunning.

The house is still occupied, and so in this case entry not permitted, but the gardens were open to the public. Not a particularly large garden by any means, but it is packed with different points of interest throughout the various 'garden rooms'.

One of my own particular interests, and pleasures in actually trimming, are odd shaped, wobbly, abstract hedges and shrubs, and this was a place that didn't disappoint.

During my gardening career I have trimmed more hedges and shrubs than I care to remember, and of all shapes and sizes. Some hedges have taken moments to trim, others months. 

So, that was The Courts Garden, what's my favourite wobbly hedge so far?

Hmmmmmm.....Yep!, got to be this one at Montacute House.


  1. I must say, l do enjoy odd shaped, wobbly, abstract hedges and shrubs..anything with
    a bit of character..! I'm afraid all l have
    surrounding my home is Privet..And..just this
    year for the first time in 40yrs it flowered!
    Could'nt believe it..
    Though l do know that Privet berries are poisonous for dogs as well as humans and
    the leaves can be even more toxic in large quantities...

    Montacute house..amazing place..! :).

    1. Hi Willie,

      Privets are underestamated in my book. Most people trim them continually to within an inch of their life, but if left a little, just a couple of time a year, then yes, one is rewarded with a rather good flower display! Montacute House....yes indeed, rather special.

  2. Replies
    1. Bush??....Bush??.....John, wash your mouth out with soap!

  3. Good to see a post from you and your lovely Amanda strolling in the gardens.

    Oh my goodness, I don't see how on earth you could trim a wobbly hedge like that. WOW!

    Happy November ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      The photo had Amanda and Rebecca in it, and both were completely absorbed in their surroundings. As for trimming that wobbly hedge, it would be tricky, as it's not very sturdy. I assume they use steps and a cherry picker. If not, then a plentiful supply of students lol

  4. I love wobbly hedges and character topiary. My pheasant yew is coming along nicely now and I rather fancy growing a lady with a sunhat to replace a fir seedling that is now threatening the house!
    (As I scrolled down your post I thought the favourite wobbly hedge you were wondering about was your hair!)

    1. Rosemary, a lady with a sunhat, a self portrait by any chance? How exciting!
      As for my hair, you cheeky thing. It has got a little....hmmmm....wayward, but tonight was the occasion of the 'Great Haircut'.