Thursday, 12 September 2019

24 Hours

Friday 13th

Final emails to customers

Go to Eco Composting to dump the weeks garden rubbish

Gardening at three special places until midday

Return home to pack suitcases

Train to Waterloo

Taxi to airport

Fly to Florence

Planes, Trains and Automobiles


  1. Oooooohhhh, Florence!! Enjoy! We loved in when we were there in 1973.

    1. Went 20 years ago Lorraine, and had to go back.

  2. Tip: Go to a restaurant called 'La Casalinga'. It's on the other side of the river.

  3. Do you realise how irritating it is when a blogger has to approve comments before publishing them? Do you want any comments or not? I'm easy either way.

  4. It's no good..I gotta say summat..
    You may not see this till you get
    back, being with Florence, at the end
    of November..! :).

    And l always was..Trains and
    Boats and Planes..Dionne Warwick..1966..!

    Anyways..hope your having a good time....
    And that you've missed the battle..Never
    mind the Duke of What's it..Won..! :).
    ✨πŸ‘✨ ✨πŸ‘✨ ✨πŸ‘✨ ✨πŸ‘✨ ✨πŸ‘✨ ✨πŸ‘✨

    1. Willie, it's September, and Florence is being great to us. It's Trains, Plains and Automobiles, from the hilarious film, take a look, you will laugh your socks off. The Duke of ?....Wellington? That victory was a while back.

  5. HeHe! Yep! Sunday, 18 June 1815....
    I'll check the other details when
    l've had me Green tea with lemon
    and fully awake..
    Oh! I must say, l do agree with Tom..
    Comment going straight on the post..! :).

    Hope we see some pics of Florence at a later
    date..Ciao! Arrivederci! :o).

    1. But isn't it a bit vain to need to see your own comment published immediately? I only had moderation on because of the amount of spam comments I received. Any others, then I responded pretty bloomin' quickly and published. When I comment, I don't really get too upset about whether it appears straight away.

    2. And by spam, I mean Russian porn and all sorts. If it happens again, then moderation goes back on, and people will, well, just have to cope with the immense difficulty of dealing with a comment not appearing for 24 hours

    3. HeHe! You know me so well..Spam..!
      You've ruined my 'funny' comment now! :).

      But no, your quite right, there are some weird people out there..(don't answer that)..HeHe!
      I like the idea of comments coming on
      straight away, is that people can interact with each other..l've developed
      that on four Blogs l follow, where by
      followers can chat and advise with each other..makes for a nice friendly Blog.
      If a 'job' lot of comments suddenly
      appear, say 6~8~12..that's it..!
      That's my opinion..and l'm sticking
      to it..! :o).

      Look at me..waffling away..(don't answer that)..and me teas gett'in cold..!
      。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚
      (decoration even)..

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    1. Don't need to....already know it.....yawn