Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A Moan

What a couple of weeks!!
Why is it that problems never come at you one at a time?
Firstly, our internet connection was getting sllowweerr....and....sslloowweerrrrr, and so at vast expense we decided to get rid of our 12 year old steam powered PC and buy an up to the minute new one...nice!! What a shame that the laptop with all of the unsaved last 3 months business stuff on stopped working....and I mean STOPPED WORKING!!! Now the hard drive has to have the data taken off forensicly at a cost of £375.00....plus VAT of course. The laptop cost £499.00 and only gave us 2 years worth of service!!.......NEVER BUY A SONY VAIO, APPARENTLY THE HARD DRIVE PACKS IN A LOT!!

Still, computer thingies seem to be mending by throwing cash at them and with the marvellous help from my steadfast computer whizz brother Ian..... Thanks Ian, you have helped to keep me sane!

SHOWERS??....Don't talk to me about new showers unless you have one that also leaks like a sieve only a few months after you have had it installed. Not a problem with the plumber but the integrated pipework that is,,,,of course...built into the design.....can we simply take off an access panel...of course not.....and so WHY DON'T THE DESIGNERS PUT ONE ON???

Still, whilst going to get my defunked hard drive from computer engineer to take it to computer scientific boffin I had a nail stick into the tyre of my work trailer and give me a flatty.....could the trailer be empty?.....of course not......2 TONS!!!!

After a fairly nice work day on Monday, and a rather wet, windy and non- productive day yesterday, I am sat in my office at the end of our garden now at 7am. There is a clear blue sky, no wind (yet) and the chance to just pick out the properties that I want to do today and so another cup of sweet tea first. And before I forget.....we are seeing the BSO perform some of Haydns work at The Lighthouse this evening.........aahhhhh not so bad after all!

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