Sunday, 29 November 2009

Jump for Joy.........I Think!!

Well.......after complaining to Virgin about the speed of our internet connection, they tested it and told me that it was indeed extremely slow with intermittent signal and power, sent out an engineer very quickly and we now have max speed!! This coupled with the old steam powered computer being wiped clean and reloaded making it really quite nice to use with XP and Office 2000...and....a brand new funky HP laptop and state-of-the-art HP PC, both running Windows 7 and the latest Office....we have a fast and internet friendly computer household.
Our old hard drive however is thanks to Sony and their crappy Hitachi hard drives!!!...NEVER AGAIN.......hence everything being HP now!!

The shower, well we called out the plumber who installed it, he took it apart and left us with it in pieces and the water turned off, saying something about 'non-standard' parts and not his workmanship at fault, then left.
As I am rapidly becoming the one to put other tradesmans work right, I took the whole thing apart, something he didn't seem able to do, replaced all faulty parts with...wait for it....standard parts, and everything is lovely and showery now.

Winter is apparently upon us and Christmas is nearly here. Work is slowing down gradually and I think all of the leaves are now down.......never invite me to New England in the fall, I will want to bring my chain saw!! The Christmas market is in Bournemouth, the Bavarian bar is installed and I feel pints of hohenschwangerauderschmidt beer and grilled knockwurst calling. Christmas is such a wonderful time, why does it come and go more quickly every year?

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