Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Ritz

Well, what can I say about our time at The Ritz?
Firstly, we were welcome by the doorman and then went through the revolving front doors to find ourselves in the most beautiful entrance foyer. As we were a bit early, I asked if there was somewhere that we may sit and we were directed towards the Palm Court. Two huge glass doors were opened for us by footmen and we were met by a long, utterly beautiful area filled with gorgeous furniture, and so we sat, had our coats taken and were brought tea and coffee in silver pots with bone china crockery. Half an hour later, we headed across the hall to the Palm Court for our afternoon tea and were directed to our table near the fountain whilst a harpist played in the corner. Everything was so exquisite, we had a choice of virtually any type of tea and were brought a three tiered cake stand that had on the bottom a selection of about seven different sandwiches, the next tier had scones ( which were brought out baked fresh at the point that you were ready for them!) clotted cream and strawberry jam. The top tier was filled with beautiful and elegant pastries and cakes, and to top all of this, you can have more of everything if you wish! So after sipping our pink champagne we tucked into it all. The whole experience was perfect and if you havent been, then you must!

A little shopping at Libertys

On our last day we went to Chinatown and got caught up in the Chinese New Year celebrations and followed the dragon as it went from restaurant to restaurant....total and utter madness and mayhem...but great fun! The plan was to eat there but everywhere was so packed that our usual lovely Italian restaurant just off Liecester Square became the venue instead...left there stuffed and a little tipsy on red wine!

On top of all of this we went to Hamleys toys shop for a pressie for grandson Josh, The British Museum to see the Staffordshire Horde, Fortnum & Mason for some mint tea and even on one rainy night had a bottle of champers and an indian meal in our hotel room while watching trash tv.....all in all a great weekend!

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